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Through the magic of serendipity (and the interwebs), I’ve decided to create a little treat for you all – PVV’s very first, completely accidental “You Said, Dr. Chauntelle Said” review – enjoy!!

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I recently received a message from a good friend of PVV, Jason Lyon. Jason is an appreciative porn fan, a well-versed adult content consumer, and a mainstream person with good understanding of industry happenings.

After sharing some of his own thoughts, Jason suggested I take a look at Wicked PicturesA Love Story (2012), a title from their Wicked Passions line. So I did.

And now you get to enjoy a little “Jason Said, Dr. Chauntelle Said”!!

According to the A Love Story box cover:

“New romance novelist Michael (Xander Corvus) is experiencing writers block after the love of his life walks out on him. With his publisher’s deadline fast approaching, his agent brings in Danielle (jessica drake). She’s tasked with getting him back on track to finish his latest masterpiece. The two couldn’t be more different, but they soon realize that opposites attract. The underlying sexual tension between them breathes new life into the hot, steamy characters in the book. When Danielle walks in on her boyfriend doing a little romancing of his own, she ends up back at Michael’s. Before the night is over the new lovers show that their passion isn’t confined to the pages of his novel. But with the final chapter is in sight, will The End mean the end of their budding romance?”

Here’s what Jason had to say about A Love Story:

I recently watched a wonderful DVD, A Love Story from Wicked’s ‘Passions’ line. At the risk of gushing, let me just say… oh my, it is so fabulous!

I won’t ruin the story by telling you too much (in fact, I would suggest not reading the back cover), but the movie has a strong female lead in jessica drake, and her male counterpart, Xander Corvus, is also strong in his own way, but sensitive and vulnerable too. The movie takes place in a setting that’s creative and professional — the best part being that everyone truly acts professional, with an underlying respect for each other. Very contemporary. The way that setting is interwoven with both the creative process and the underlying sexual tension is just beautiful. The sex is lovely and graceful, the dialog is clever, and the characters are deep and likable.

Well ok, I guess I am kind of gushing here… but it truly was 90 minutes of absolute adult awesomeness (you can quote me on that!). It was so inspiring to watch!

Based on that review, you can see why I absolutely had to watch it… but in spite of agreeing with Jason on many points, I felt a little more lukewarm about the project overall.

I saw a strong, directed woman lead going through an emotional process that was conveniently catalyzed by a Type B kind of guy – classic opposites attract, for a moment, fueled by heartbreak and an arousing close-quarters project. There was definitely a lot of character development, but I actually found that to be more of a set-up for a one night stand (versus a lasting romance) – we get to know a lot about Danielle throughout the course of A Love Story, and she would never go for a dude like Michael.

(pictured: pretty picture of jessica and Emo Xander)

Or would she?

jessica’s Danielle was more convincing overall than Xander’s Michael. Xander is an excellent performer/actor, but the pouty and pissed off brooding artist-character wasn’t his best match. I did love his emo/arty/sensitive guy styling though (hello, scarf – heeee!!), and the whole accent thing in the first scene – priceless!!

Overall, I found A Love Story to be gentle and safe. The story was gentle and safe; the sex was gentle and safe, though still very steamy (and, if I may, Aleksa Nicole – my goodness!!); and something about the lighting made me think I was watching a Lifetime Pictures Original. Though I wasn’t as compelled by this film as Jason, I would say it’s definitely a good choice for couples, especially couples who are a bit more tentative about adult content.

(pictured: Aleksa and Romance Xander)


The part I most loved about A Love Story was this happily accidental opportunity to compare my view with another person’s. No two people will ever see something in the exact same way, and sometimes the exact same text will resonate very differently. This is important to keep in mind, always, both in porn and in life.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Jason – I am forever in your debt for the great lesson/example.


PS if you would like to do a “You Said, Dr. Chauntelle Said” bit, send me some comments. If I have access to the content (and think the content is interesting in the first place), you could be the next Jason Lyon – teach me a lesson!!


A Love Story (2012) With Performances By…

Aleksa (Alexa) Nicole, jessica drake, Kiara Mia, Tasha Reign, Xander Corvus, Marco Rivera, Niko, Rocco Reed

Wicked PicturesA Love Story was directed by Brad Armstrong and released in May, 2012. Buy your copy here.

BTS: with VOD stuff (I watched this online) you get no BTS… this is a bummer!! But, allegedly, you get an all-girl three-way between Gracie Glam, Kirsten Price, and Lexi Belle on the DVD version of A Love Story. Wicked is always good about bonus scenes on DVDs.


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Images courtesy of Wicked Pictures.

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