Review – Wicked Pictures’ 3 Day Rule (2012)

Wicked Pictures‘ 3 Day Rule (2012) is a perfectly cute, feel-good romantic comedy. It was written and directed by DCypher in what’s ultimately a new creative/collaborative venture for the production powerhouse. And though 3 Day Rule doesn’t reframe genre-specific filmmaking or porn or anything, we get enough fresh air mixed with Wicked standards to make this project an overall win.

(pictured: you know that rule…)


Rachel (Kaylani Lei) and Tom (Brendon Miller) find themselves in a sticky situation when they break up but decide to stay friends who live together. Desperate for love, Tom will tell any girl he loves her by the first date and breaks the 3-Day Rule of waiting three days to call a woman back. Sensing Tom’s weakness, his closest friends (Bill and Matt – played hilariously by Bill Bailey and Kris Slater) play a practical joke on him that, ultimately, leaves Tom and Rachel questioning why they broke up!


Sounds silly-sweet-cute!! Here’s a link to the trailer (every time I try to embed it, it bounces to Lisa Ann: Can’t Say No – whyyyy!!?).

First things first: Brendon Miller steals – hands down steals – this film. His Tom is hilarious in a looking-for-love but kinda self-depricating way that could’ve easily turned pathetic… but it didn’t!! Really great acting.

The bro dynamic that carries this film, which relied on Bill’s and Matt’s mean-in-a-kinda-fratty-way prank on Tom, took front and center stage in 3 Day Rule. Now obviously, if this is the primary plot-developer (which it was), that’s gonna happen. But it’s rare in adult to see such guy focus. It was a nice change up and, if you can get over the fact that the joke wasn’t very nice, really funny.

Further, the plot unfolding was done in a series of clever, seamless flashbacks such that the story is simultaneously being recalled and being advanced. It was a really interesting tactic. And the… umm… tricky narration (watch the movie) was hilarious!! These are examples of some of the fresh air a la DCypher that I was alluding to earlier.

Beyond Brendon, Bill, and Kris, the remainder of the casting was also great. Kaylani Lei is always charming, and Richie Calhoun plays every brand of quirky almost too well. Celeste Star is too hott to look at, and Alyssa Branch brought depth to what could have just been a filler performance. I remember noticing this chic in Madness Pictures’ Young Mouth Club (2011) – she stood out even then.

(pictured: Brendon and Kaylani)

3 Day Rule wasn’t perfect – there were a couple moments of poor sound quality and some of the scenes seemed kinda tacked on… but that’s OK!! Ultimately, it was a really entertaining, feel-good movie with plenty of friendly, stirring sex.


Recommended for: any Saturday afternoon.


3 Day Rule (2012)

With performances by Kaylani Lei, Alyssa Branch, Celeste Star, Jessie Andrews, Samantha Ryan, Bill Bailey, Brendon Miller, Kris Slater, and Richie Calhoun

Written and directed by DCypher for Wicked Pictures. Released in November, 2012. Buy your copy here.


BTS: I watched this online (via, so I don’t knowwwwww… but knowing Wicked, I would expect the DVD version to have 1 or 2 bonus scenes, some BTS footage, and other standard “extras” (galleries, trailers, etc).


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(pictured: adorable… but tacked on)

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