Review – Wicked Pictures’ Wicked Games (2010)

Ever wonder what happens after Chris Isaak and Helena Christensen are done rolling around on the beach and before the cute couple shot at the end of 1991’s “Wicked Game” video?

Well, chances are the heavily-alluded-to sex that occurs may be coincident with one of the elaborate fantasies depicted in Wicked Pictures’ Wicked Games (2010)… if it’s dudes doing the wondering that is.

In Wicked Games, the ridiculously beautiful jessica drake plays Angel, a high end hooker-type chic who specializes in satisfying her clients’ every wish; and each scene therein is presented as one of their elaborate fantasies.  From voyeurism to sex in public places (on a bus! in a cab!), from French maid and S&M fantasy to the engagement of new media (iphones! Skype!), if you want something a little less vanilla from your for-pay sex, Angel is your girl. 

There’re some additional interesting dimensions to this film beyond the presence of jessica drake.  In Wicked Games, we see the ordinarily voracious (read: crazy and diiirty) Tory Lane and Courtney Cummz giving super hot, yet relatively lady-like, performances; and Nikki Tyler is great as Angel’s assistant in the S&M scene (although she does call her “jessica” – doh!).  And jessica, who is not ordinarily the comedienne, is rather funny whilst stuck under a bed during one scene (a client’s wife/girlfriend arrived home unexpectedly during a session, so Angel had to scamper under the bed to hide while they proceed to fuck).

But in spite of these elements, I feel compelled to say – this is not really a couples’ film.  First of all, jessica is too hot.  Seriously.  She is just about as pretty as people can get, and thus fully lacks what I like to refer to as “the Sarah Jessica Parker factor” – relatable, cute, and even hot in her own way… but not too cute or too hot to be seen as a threat by other women.  Regardless of what a guy viewer may think of her, jessica drake is too thin and has too nice an ass, her hair is too pretty, her shoes are too cute, and her make-up is too good (at least in this movie) to be regarded comfortably by a woman viewer… especially if said woman viewer is not necessarily comfortable with porn.

Second of all, some bits of various scenes are just not going to fly with your average lady (whatever that means).  For example, jessica uses a feather duster as a sex toy in one scene.  Feather duster handle up your ass, ladies?!! Probably not. This is just one small example; but, coupled with jessica’s jessica-ness, it gets at the overall character of the film – this one’s for dudes… dudes who think a chic would randomly blow bang them and two of their friends on a bus or would lick a computer screen, Skype going or otherwise.

Certainly there are many ladies out there that would be into this film; but I’m thinking that, if you’re unsure, you should keep this one for yourself.

Recommended for: any guy who has ever been sitting in the gym, on a bus, or in class and hoped that a smokin’ hot chic would randomly walk up to him with the impromptu suggestion – “Wanna fuck?”


Girls: Jessica Drake, Tory Lane, Courtney Cummz, Jenna Presley, Nikki Benz, and Angelina Ashe

Guys: Barrett Blade, Tommy Gunn, Eric Masterson, Rocco Reed, Mr. Pete, and others

Directed by Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures

Released January 20, 2010

Extras include standard a BTS photo gallery and a bonus scene with jessica drake, Brad Armstrong, and Kaylani Lei from Wicked Pictures’ 2040 (2009), which is a damn good movie incidentally.

And just for fun…

ps Heart Shaped World - 1989; this version of the “Wicked Game” video – 1991

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