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Over a year ago now, I wrote a piece about all these literal and figurative signs pointing to BDSM.

In that bit, I sifted through a few things – authenticity, love, and consent (among other things) within the context of BDSM practice and BDSM communities. It seemed that, among many other things, BDSM was (is) another commonly misunderstood sex-related practice that is both complex and interconnected with much of what we all do as a culture and society.

To give it a broader scope, you could say that that’s true of all kink and kink-ish sex-related things too.

I vowed to explore BDSM (really, kink in general) and BDSM-related sociological issues further.

And I have!!

Today, you get to learn about my explorations in the form of two projects from Severe Society Films (what? that’s not enough for you?) – The Adventures of Evil Dia (2011) and Jimmy Gets A Foot Job! (2011).

Before we get started, I must point out that all this content is safe. Severe Society Films “advocate[s] safe sane consensual play.” Everyone performing in their work does so because they want to, and everyone involved is a professional. This is very important to remember, especially if these practices are not necessarily part of your community/lifestyle.

The Adventures of Evil Dia (2011)

Evil Dia is the story of one woman… one woman torturing the heck out of one very un/fortunate man. To wit:

“Nefarious Dr. Dia Zerva has lured Sgt. Tommy Toscano to an abandoned warehouse… and soon she has him scissored between her legs, disarmed and at her mercy! She teases him with her heels and makes him worship her feet before putting a bag over his head and leading him to a cage. There she uses a stun pen as motivation to get him stripped down before inflicting more tease with her powerful feet and legs!

Dr. Dia has Tommy stripped down and at her mercy in a cage in the abandoned warehouse. After stuffing her foot in his mouth, she gives him a few good body kicks and then leads him out of the cage. She secures him to the side of the cage and begins to flog him, making him suck his thumb for added humiliation! After warming him up with the flogger, she switched to a single tail and then a paddle for some heavier punishment. Finally Dr. Dia goes for the most sadistic implements of all, her hands, turning Tommy’s ass a bright shade of crimson!”

Yep, that’s what she does. Further:

“Dia Zerva has Tommy taped to a column in the warehouse with clothes pins all over his face. As Sgt. Toscano is about to learn, the only thing worse than putting clothes pins on is taking them off! He thinks he’s going to get some relief when she begins teasing his cock with her feet, but pleasure soon turns to pain as she pounds on his thighs with her heels. And did we mention the cane and the stun?

Evil Dr. Dia specializes in the creative tease. She’s got poor Sgt. Toscano’s cock in a very precarious position – below the arm of a giant rat trap. Is she really going to release the arm, or is the psychological tease enough for her…”

Tommy’s torture goes on and on… for over an hour!! But I will not spoil the ending by telling you anything about the 9 inch dildo. Nope, nothing. Nothing about the “helicopter” or the nightstick either. Suffice it to say that, by the time Dia was done being evil, I was every bit as spent as Tommy.

Evil Dia was fascinating. Not only was it an excellent (2012 AVN Award nominee - Best BDSM Release!!) display of some fairly heavy BDSM (to my eyes), it was an excellent peek into the negotiations and motions that come with this form of play.

Tommy certainly could have gotten away from Dia… had he wanted to. But that was not the point of this “game.” Each partner plays their roles perfectly in Evil Dia, which is integral to BDSM adventures of this sort.

Further, there are moments when Tommy whimpers and cries out for Dia to stop, but she doesn’t… because something like “stop” is not a safe word. A safe word is a very serious indicator that the submissive person(s) has/have reached their limit, and something like “jack-o’-lantern” or “Kelly Clarkson” – something that has nothing to do with what’s going on – would be a more likely choice. Awareness these little details, which may not be common knowledge to people who don’t engage in BDSM play, is good to know going in.

On a technical level, I found Evil Dia‘s sound to be a little spotty and light to be a bit grainy (at times); however, these “issues” also served to add a dimension of authenticity to the entire production. After all, Tommy was getting his ass kicked in a warehouse…

Jimmy Gets A Foot Job! (2011) 

Actually, Jimmy gets three – one from Tara Lynn Foxx, one from Jessica Bangkok, and one form Candice Nicole.

Jimmy Gets A Foot Job! scored a 2012 AVN Award nomination for Best Foot/Leg Fetish Release, which is really no surprise. Each scene is set up with a very bad Jimmy getting a little bit teased and a lot bit humiliated – perfect!!

For example, Jessica tells Jimmy how small and pathetic “it” is while teasing him with her feet. Then, Tara Lynn Foxx has Jimmy The Slave waiting patiently for her to return from work. He’s hooded, gagged, bound, and kneeling (she eventually replaces the gag with her panties though). And when Jimmy gets a little too eager with Candice, she makes him clean up his own mess… with his tongue.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of!!

But not everybody’s dreams. The dreams of Evil Dia and Jimmy Gets a Foot Job! are very specific, very crafted, and certainly not for everyone. They are for those who are into and/or interested in further exploring their specific kinks. If you want more conventional-form “mainstream” porn, these films are not for you. Further, if you maybe want some fur-lined handcuffs and thigh-high boots on black satin sheets (mainstream porn flavored with a little kink), these films are also not for you.

But, if on your hands and knees in a warehouse cage is where your dreams take you, you pathetic little sissy, these Severe Society Films are sure to please.


Recommended for: practitioners of high-intensity BDSM, those looking to get inspired by and/or explore on this level.



The Adventures of Evil Dia (2011)

Starring Dia Zerva and Tommy Toscano.

Directed by Jimmy Broadway and Dia Zerva for Severe Society Films. Buy your copy here.


Jimmy Gets A Foot Job! (2011)

Girls: Tara Lynn Foxx, Jessica Bangkok, and Candice Nicole

Guys: Jimmy Broadway

Directed by Jimmy Broadway and Jersey Black for Severe Society Films. Buy your copy here.


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