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Several months ago (November), I came across something interesting in the Seattle Weekly’s “Immigration” (??) blog – an article about a very random and sporadic listing of films entitled  “Visiting Canada? Here’s a Partial List of Porn Films You Can and Cannot Bring.” (here, item #2)

According to the article, some porn titles are deemed OK to bring in to Canada. Others are not. The author provides six titles that are supposedly acceptable – A Nightmare on Twink Street; Defiled: Anonymous Internet Sex Addiction; Don’t Tell Mommy I Fucked My Stepdad; S&M Hunter; Cotton Panty Girls; and Virgin Auction…

…and six more that are NOT – I Told You Not To Call The Police; Fist and Piss; Cougar Time; Oh! My Sex Goddess; It’s OK, She’s My Stepdaughter …and Rob Rotten’s Punx Productions’ Texas Vibrator Massacre (2008).

Much to my (then) dismay, I had not seen Texas Vibrator Massacre …nor had I seen anything from Rob Rotten or Punx Productions. Until now.

Since then, I’ve somehow magically came across two Punx titles, Sperm Sponges Vol. 2 (2010) and Scurvy Girls Vol. 3 (2010); and though both these films are interesting in their own right and certainly fulfill a need in the adult content consumption universe, my overall reaction to both is simply grrr. Here’s why…

Rob Rotten started working as an adult performer in the early 2000s and as a director in the mid-2000s. He seems to be the driving force behind Punx Productions, which is affiliated (probably in terms of line and distribution respectively) with Loaded Digital and Metro Movies. On the basis of some quotes and statements I’ve read around the interwebs, his appearance (which includes a tattoo of the word “poison” on his penis… many questions, but first and foremost: how does one stay hard for that?!!), and the themes present in his work, Rob is pretty into punk and stuff.

Here is an interesting interview with Rob from 2006-ish. This image is from his Model Mayhem portfolio, which was last accessed in 2009 when I looked at it today (5/22/12).

Anyway, according to one of the best sites in the world – IAFD – Rob currently has over 50 adult performer credits and 16 director credits. He was the director of and a performer in both Sperm Sponges Vol. 2 and Scurvy Girls Vol. 3…

Sperm Sponges Vol. 2

Sperm Sponges Vol. 2 is a collection of “Five amazing scenes packed with cum dripping whores! Slip on your absorbent undergarments and enjoy the show!” Apparently, these “all internal cum shots!” are real.

There’s a lot of stereotypical “dude” in these scenes: beer getting poured on one chic, a weird twangy “speeeeeeerm spun-ges!!!!” theme song playing throughout, transitions that try really hard to invoke something out of Joe Dirt (2001), and an almost unrecognizable Hillary Scott declaring that she is, in fact, a sperm sponge. It’s all pretty sophomoric, which is fine.

The sex, interestingly, is just regular porn sex (minus the internal pop parts, of course). Yes, lots of tattoos and a scene with Vicki Chase that pretty much amounts to a gang bang, but nothing too unusual. I must admit that I was expecting something a little more… more… on the basis of the frame around this project.

(pictured: Hillary Scott, self-proclaimed sperm sponge)

Scurvy Girls Vol. 3

Scurvy is the result of prolonged Vitamin C deficiency. It often initially presents itself as malaise and lethargy, followed by the formation of spots on the skin, spongy gums, and bleeding from the mucous membranes. A person with scurvy looks pale, feels depressed, and is partially immobilized. Teeth awfulness occurs and, eventually, death. It can be pretty gruesome. (click at your own risk!!)

Minus some instances of paleness and spots on the skin in the form of tattoos, I saw no instances of scurvy in these “vo. 3″ ladies… Perhaps the phrase “scurvy girls” just seemed punk rock? But again, aside from the frame around this project, there was nothing too unusual about the five scenes in this installment of the series.

So yeah, sperm sponges and scurvy…

Honestly? I didn’t really like either of these films. I think that maybe this is because there was a real undertone of mean-spiritedness running throughout each project. Let me explain…

I don’t know much about punk in general, contemporary iterations of the movement (movement? scene?), and/or the evolution and development of punk over time, but I do know that I’ve heard that some dimensions of punk were really demeaning and trivializing towards women back in the day (and maybe still today?)… and I do know that the 1990s’ Riot Grrrl movement (which I do have some experience with), both in terms of music and collective consciousness, emerged – in part – as a response to the perceived sexism in various punk scenes.

Something about these Punx Productions productions struck a cord with my inner riot grrrl, and I didn’t like it.

I’m gonna go listen to some Sleater-Kinney now.


Sperm Sponges Vol. 2 

With performances by Hillary Scott, Jackie Lin, McKenzee Miles, Tricia Oaks, Vicki Chase, Criss Strokes, Eric John, Eric Swiss, Hef Pounder, Jack Vegas, Jay Ashley, Michael Vegas, Rob Rotten, and Chad Alva.

Sperm Sponges Vol. 2  released in October, 2010. Buy your copy here.


Scurvy Girls Vol. 3 

With performances by Coco Velvett, Emily Parker, Krysta Kaos, Sparky Sin Clair, Torrie Madison, Criss Strokes, Eric John, Jack Vegas, Jay Ashley, and Rob Rotten

Scurvy Girls Vol. 3 released in December, 2010. Buy your copy here.

(pictured: apparently Sparky Sin Claire has scurvy…)

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