Review – Third World Media’s Amateurs in Mexico (2010)

Review by Vittoria Buzza

The first thing I noticed when looking at the cover of Third World Media’s Amateurs in Mexico (2010) was the tag “Hecho en Mexico.” So this time, instead of taking a deep breath, I gulped.

But I still held on to a glimmer of optimism: maybe –maybe– because this film was actually made in Mexico it would not contain the typical stereotypes I so often frown upon? I sure hoped so…

When writing reviews I usually wait a little bit to disclose my true feelings about the film. This time, however, I cannot wait to tell all of you that I truly did enjoy Amateurs in Mexico. Really. I did not find myself aghast or even sighing in frustration at any point during the film! Considering me and myself and my interests, that is quite an impressive for a film with the word “Mexico” in the title.

The concept and structure of the film were unlike any I had seen before. Now granted, I am not all that experienced with adult content, so maybe this film form is not all that unique. Regardless, I had never seen anything done like this before… and I really liked it!

Oh, and I almost forgot – the entire film is in Spanish (with the option of English subtitles), which was quite refreshing. I usually prefer things in Spanish, but I had never watched any Spanish-language porn before… so thank you, Third World Media, for giving me something I wanted (but hadn’t yet realized it)!

The overall idea of the film, or “project” as the director called it, was to get a couple of native Mexican ladies in front of the camera in order to show audiences that women having sex in Mexico (or Mexican ladies having sex in general) is nothing out of the ordinary. As soon as I heard the director give this explanation I knew I was going to like this film. I felt that it would not go out of its way to create some sort of fictive exotic image of Mexican women. Yes!

The structure of the film was also very refreshing and interesting. There were a total of four women featured in the film, and the audience got to see each one of them step out of their vehicle and make their way to the set (well, it was just an apartment). Exciting!

Each one of the participants was interviewed individually, informed about the project’s goal, and then asked to start having sex with the nameless male on set. The routine was the same for all the ladies, but each one brought their own individual flavors to the scene.

And the interviews – these were, seriously, so fun to watch. As soon as the participants, who we later find out had never had sex in front of a camera before, arrived at the apartment, the director would tell them to sit on a couch in front of the camera and the questions would commence.

The questions included some of the following: How long have you been sexually active? What’s your naughtiest sexual fantasy? What’s your zodiac sign? What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex? What do you do for a living? And so many more…

I was very entertained during this entire interview process because some of their answers were very interesting, funny, quirky, etc. I have never gotten the chance to know the “actresses” in adult films as well as I feel I got to know these ladies (not even through the BTS). It definitely made the women seem a lot more real…. one of them even reminded me of my next door neighbor. No kidding.

Another aspect that made this project very interesting as well is that most of the women seemed a little nervous at first. Ivanna, the first one to go, seemed the most nervous out of all of them. I wondered what my reaction would be in a similar situation, and I think it would have been just like Ivanna’s.

So, the order of events was: interview, sex scene, interview (with a different girl), sex scene (with the same different girl), etc. Each sex scene was roughly around twenty minutes, and the interviews were around fifteen. After each sex scene was over, the camera followed the girl into the bathroom and the audience got to see her clean off right before showing us the next participant.

In all five of the scenarios (four total women, but Stephany has two scenes) the sex began pretty much in the same way. It was a bit awkward at first when the guy came into the scene; but soon enough the women were taking off their clothes and, slowly but surely, enjoying themselves. The sex was NEVER rough, and always took place on the same couch (yes, the one where they had just been interviewed).

I also noticed that it was much quieter than other adult films I have seen before. There was no excessive moaning and/or yelling and no “Oh, yeah. Give it to me hard”-type lines. On some occasions the women would say “Si” and if they felt uncomfortable in any given position they would also tell the guy to move/adjust. That was pretty much the extent of the talking.

Honestly, I think a lot of the reasons why I liked this film so much have to do with my personal tastes. I like simple films, I like getting to know characters, I like it when adult films keep it a little bit quiet, and I definitely enjoy any sort of depiction involving Mexican women that does not show them sporting leopard print clothing with big hoop earrings.

So yeah… Amateurs in Mexico pretty much had everything I was looking for in an adult film. However, if you do not speak Spanish and want to understand what the interviews are about, I do not recommend this film. The subtitles are not accurate, and oftentimes they skip five or six sentences in a row. And some of the translations were just flat out wrong. Oh, dear!

So overall, Third World Media’s Amateurs in Mexico was a great film… when watched without the subtitles.

Recommended for: anyone wanting to see Mexican women without all the stereotypical add-ons, those of us who like to get to know the actors through entertaining interview questions, and anyone who enjoys gentler sexual action (and not so loud).


Performers: amateur women Gaby, Stephany, Ivanna, Lisa, and some guys

Released in May, 2010. Buy a copy of Amateurs in Mexico here.

Directed by Eduardo “Jalapeno” Hunter for Third World Media

Vittoria Buzza

Vittoria Buzza is a queer Mexicana scholar in her early twenties. Her main research interests lie in the examinations of cultural tensions embedded in the visibility of Latina bodies in the media. Follow her on Twitter at @VittBuzz and/or email her here.




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