Review – Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffin Party (2012)

Tanya Tate is a Renaissance woman, and she’s good at just about everything… but one thing she’s REALLY good at is being a slightly scheming, slightly naughty, extra sultry grand dame presiding over an afternoon tea party – absolute delite!!

Let’s take a moment to think about Tanya’s newest directorial (and starring) effort for Filly Films - Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffin Party (2012)!!


(pictured: join the ladies for a spot of tea – buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

Here’s the synopsis…

Ding! Ding! Tea Time!

British beauty Tanya Tate throws a tea party for her sexy girlfriends. Exotic Adrianna Luna has a fling with naughty Samantha Bentley. Elaina Raye brings cookies to the party, but Tanya eats her sweet sugar hole. Devon Lee offers young Presley Hart a sex toy lesson. Fabulous Celeste Star and Jessi Palmer mind their manners and make a hot threesome with Tanya! Come join Tanya’s tea party where girl s are served up a cup of tea and plenty of muffin munching!

…which pretty much says it all… but it also says nothing of subtly – of decedent desserts and floppy hats, of tea sets and sidelong glances. It leaves out the sweet seduction of a nubile young muffin and the teeth-on-edge admonishment of a decently crappy housekeeper/maid/waitress. (that’s all Celeste Star)

As we know, Tanya is having a tea party for her girlfriends – how English!! But Tanya seems unaware that her pal Adrianna is having a little love-’em-and-leave-’em international affair with her niece Samantha. This is probably because “Mrs. Tate” is too busy putting measured, sneakily seductive moves on young Elaina. The third tryst – The Presley and Devon Toy Show – is great, but the real stunner of this film is the final scene. Celeste’s unnecessary yet oh-so-titillating sternness with Jessi, all over the props of frosting and Tanya’s brimming top, is not to be missed. And don’t worry – everyone likes each other just fine in the end.


(pictured: Jessi has no idea what she’s in for!!)

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffin Party is a lovely title in of itself, but it also plays with some cultural markers in ways that make it really unique. You see, Tanya is a British girl… and she artfully weaves in enough tongue-in-cheek, slow burn Euro subtly such that we uncultured “Americans” think we’re getting a real crumpet (read: treat).

In many instances, playing with cultural markers and stereotypes can be limiting or even problematic. But Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffin Party is a fun engagement of familiar cultural markers that makes you want to un/cross your legs and fashion your own soiree.

Put simply: another naughty win from a brilliant clever mind – Tanya’s playing with you, and it’s oh so lovely!!


(pictured: want some cookies?)

Recommended for: Tanya Tate fans, lovers of the ladies, and the English


Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffin Party (2012)

With performances from Adrianna Luna, Celeste Star, Devon Lee, Elaina Raye, Jessi Palmer, Presley Hart, Samantha Bentley, and Tanya Tate.

Filly Films’ Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffin Party was masterminded and directed by Tanya Tate and released in December, 2012.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here.


BTS and Extras: great post-scene interviews with all the ladies – really lovely and informative. It’s always nice to hear people’s reactions to their work. Additional standard extras.


(pictured: tea and muffins, anyone?!!)

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