Review – Pornfidelity’s Romantic Aggression (2013)

I’ve talked about romance porn quite a bit on PVV – from examples of various romantic renditions to deconstructing ideas about what our society may *actually* think about romance (here), it’s a pretty complex subject.

I’ve made the point, quite firmly, that romance is variable. In spite of wider normative notions about what it should or may be, the fact remains that iterations of romance are endless.

But can romance be… aggressive?


I recently watched Pornfidelity’s Romantic Aggression (2013), a film wherein Ryan Madison romances the living fkkk out of four women performers. Did I enjoy this film – as in, was it my thing? No. But did I appreciate this film’s different, extremely important look at romance? Yes, I totally 100% did.


(pictured: buy your copy of Romantic Aggression and/or watch it now here)

Here’s the synopsis:

This is the time in a romantic relationship when the physical is at its most intense. When all you can think about is how far can you push the limits of your sexual aggressions. Leave it to Pornfidelity to shoot the hottest and most intense adult romance title ever filmed!

That’s pretty much it exactly, and I do concur – this title is both intense and (conventionally) romantic, which actually makes it quite unconventional. It’s also the best effort I’ve seen combining these dynamics thus far.

Each of the four scenarios starts out with something normatively romantic – Brooklyn Lee reading a steamy novel and fantasizing her way inside, country club cutie Aaliyah Love bursting with joy before an afternoon interlude, Brooklyn Chase having a romantic day at the beach with her guy, and Chanel Preston as a gorgeous vampy seductress after a fancy evening out. Beautiful music swells as each woman then indulges in her lover, who is always Ryan Madison…



(pictured: a romantic day at the beach…)

One at a time, Ryan then proceeds to bang the hell out of both Brooklyns, Aaliyah, and Chanel. And even though some parts made me look away (I’m not too into aggression), the tenor of his intensity varied slightly with each, implying he was well aware of his partners’ needs and wants.

They all appeared to absolutely love his tailored version of romance.

Brooklyn Lee’s scene was the best epitomization of romantic aggression; consequently though, it was the most difficult for me to watch. Her performance here was extremely compelling, as was Ryan’s. The other three scenes were also strong, they just didn’t quite get to the same edge that this one did.

brooklyn small

 (pictured: Brooklyn, soon to be romantically aggressed)

So yeah… as I said, this title is the best combination of high sexual intensity and romance that I’ve seen. It’s quite unconventional and not for the faint of heart – it gives us an effective look at an uncommonly considered version of romance.


Romantic Aggression 

With performances from Ryan Madison, Chanel Preston, Brooklyn Lee, Aaliyah Love, and Brooklyn Chase.

Directed by Ryan and Kelly Madison for Pornfidelity. Released in December, 2013.

Buy your copy of Romantic Aggression and/or watch it now here.


(pictured: Aaliyah Love is joyous)

BTS: standard BTS fare, but with an interesting written Q&A series with each performers and some pre/post scene footage. If you feel at all uneasy with this vision of romance, all you have to do is watch a bit of BTS to see that this is just as heartfelt as anything.

chanel smalll

(pictured: Chanel Preston is romantic as fkkk)

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