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Sometime during the relatively recent past, I read a review in the print AVN about Pornfidelity’s Get My Belt (2013). I was intrigued by reviewer Heather Namikoshi’s assertions, including:

In these very hardcore, very strong vignette scenes, Kelly and Ryan Madison push the boundaries and senses of each woman here. It’s shot and edited very well, and the vision of each piece is carried out exceptionally. Retailers should note where their local laws stand on depictions of bondage during sexual penetration when stocking this excellent title… (more here)

In the body of her review, Heather described four scenes that pretty much made my eyes pop out of my head: Catholic imagery, teen tryouts to the max, dancing around all kinds of bondage and penetration lines, Brooklyn Lee appearing “genuinely freaked out at one point,” and Skin Diamond as a slave – a slave who is whipped, bound, fucked, and led around by astride master Ryan Madison.

What the what, Ryan and Kelly Madison? Like, the IRL married couple that are sometimes kinda unaware and crass and problematic but generally good-natured and playful in the spirit of rowdy “American” fun,* that Ryan and Kelly Madison?!!



(pictured: Get My Belt)

I had to see for myself, so I finagled a copy and settled in – I was ready to be shocked…

And now, after having just watched Get My Belt, I find myself at a loss for something really smart to say. But let’s break it down into two dimensions: intensity and themes.



Regardless of each respective scene’s theme – “Yes, Master” starring Skin Diamond, “Oh My God” starring Chanel Preston, “Hold Your Breath” starring Brooklyn Lee, and “I’m Sorry” starring Chastity Lynn – the sex in this film was absolutely too much for my tastes. Ryan fucks the living hell out of each woman. He definitely tests his own physical limitations, as well as those of his partners, but nothing about any of it was especially sexy…

…but that’s just my opinion, which obviously doesn’t count for everyone.

The themes framing and shaping each sex depiction were not quite as simple to pick apart, though.


 (pictured: Chanel Preston in Get My Belt)


I wasn’t too stirred or shocked during “Oh My God” or “I’m Sorry.”

“I’m Sorry”‘s Chastity Lynn is not an actual teenager, and it’s a rough sex scene – all performance. And I don’t know enough about Catholicism to tell you how authentic “Oh My God” was, but I can imagine it having a bit of an incensing impact on someone who’s spiritually connected to and/or conflicted by the target imagery. All I really noticed was the lead in, which was set outdoors in some church-looking place – it was beautiful. Both scenes were well-done, all be they too rough for my tastes, with full commitment from their respective performers.

“Yes, Master” was a bit uncomfortable, but – honestly – not as much as I was expecting it to be. Points of (potential) discomfort and interest (for me) could be separated out into psychological and social/cultural.

Psychologically speaking, the scene actually hit on quite a few interesting moments regarding captives enjoying (or “enjoying”) their tormenter’s aggressions – a Stockholm syndrome-type of thing. Further, in the end, our girl exacts her revenge and escapes (quite joyously, I might add), showing us that she was really just “enjoying” Master Ryan all along.

Evil is put in his rightful place.

Socially and culturally, the imagery invoking the US’s slave trade of African-Americans was difficult to watch. Although the BTS lets viewers know that everything was happy and light on set, I wondered how the performances, which were wholly committed through the film, felt to the Ryan and Skin. How challenging was it for Ryan to do that version of masculinity? And for Skin, was it difficult to portray that type of character?

Ultimately, this scene was no different than any other rendition of an extremely troubling time in US history – difficult, but in a way that’s far larger than a 30+ minute porn scene. I give props to the filmmakers and performers for pushing boundaries here…


(pictured: Skin Diamond in Get My Belt)

…but then there was “Hold Your Breath” – meh.

“Hold Your Breath” was too much. It was so convincing that I was on edge and concerned throughout for Brooklyn’s physical and mental safety. Ryan brutalizes her to such an intense and convincing degree that I was frightened by him, and I was just watching a DVD!!

This scene, more than any other, is a testament to the quality of the film.

None of the performers featured in Get My Belt are amateurs. In fact, they are all top-level professionals. And I am completely willing to bet that there was a so-random-as-to-be-completely-obvious safeword on everyone’s lips throughout production. Every women could have called it, even Brooklyn. (even Ryan) And in spite of how truly insane “Hold Your Breath” got, she never did. To me, this speaks volumes about her commitment to her performance. (Ryan too)


(pictured: Brooklyn Lee in Get My Belt)

It could be that the Madisons are problematic, racist, sexist assholes who have made the most demeaning film ever, but I don’t think so. I think what they’ve done here is both brave and dangerous. Get My Belt is so convincing that I’m still pondering it. The fact that it made me as uncomfortable as it did speaks volumes.

So yeah, Get My Belt – not for everyone, both in terms of subject matter and sexy, and definitely too intense for my preferences, but a true testament to the impact full commitment to a performance can have overall.

*see Vittoria Buzza’s review of Juicy Entertainment’s (another Madisons’ endeavor) Run for the Border series here


Get My Belt (2013) 

With performances from Ryan Madison, Skin Diamond, Chanel Preston, Chastity Lynn, and Brooklyn Lee.

Directed by Ryan Madison and released in May, 2013. For more information about the film, including scene trailers and images, visit

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BTS: In my opinion, Get My Belt must be watched in conjunction with the BTS footage. You get to see how much of all of it really is just the magic and mystery of filmmaking. No one whips Skin Diamond, and the girl can actually ride horses (awesome!!); and, though she appears absolutely exhausted and freezing, Brooklyn crawls into Ryan’s arms after their scene in a way that is just sweet. I was very very happy this footage was included with the film.

Gram Ponante offers some really interesting thoughts on Get My Belt here – he is far more articulate (and concise) than I.


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