Review – Pink Visual’s Wild College Parties #15 & #16 (2010)

Review by Vittoria Buzza

Being that I am a recent (kind of) college graduate, I figured that I would be able to both handle and offer some good perspective on Pink Visual’s Wild College Parties #15 and #16. I mean, I was definitely a regular at some of the frat houses during my first couple of years in college… and you know, the theatre parties I attended were definitely out of control. I was pretty certain I had seen it all; however, none of what I had seen during my college days prepared me for what I was about to see in either #15 OR #16! Well, to a certain extent…

College kids are definitely a wild bunch. This I already knew. They are like lions that have been caged up for years and finally get to escape into the wild, wild communal dorm jungle – the college campus after dark, where there is little to no adult supervision.  Beer pong, bongs, frat houses, and so many other things make me miss my college life very very little, and these two films definitely helped remind me of that.

Thank goodness I am no longer there. (big sigh… of relief)

As I started watching Wild College Parties #15, a lot of the elements certainly remind me of some blurry nights at the frat houses. There was definitely an insufficiently and improperly cleaned feel to the “set,” tons of rowdy kids dancing in the background, and very loud techno music.  All definite musts for a drunken night at most college parties.

But that was about as far as the similarities between the wild college parties I attended and these Wild College Parties went. About two minutes into the film, you see a College Student (who, incidentally, seemed way older than college-aged to me) pulling down her black g-string and showing the Other College Students and the viewers at home her nicely shaven lady parts.

Yes, I did go to parties.

Yes, some of them were pretty wild.

Yes, I saw tons of people making out all over the place and sometimes even taking their tops off… but I never got to see people having actual sex right in front of me.

Nope, not even at the theater parties.

This is where my confusion with these two films began. You see, anytime a film touts itself as something akin to “real,” silly me always believes that it is truly unscripted and genuine. I guess my actor ways have always prompted me to regard presentations as necessarily authentic.

Before I began my watching Wild College Parties experience, I figured the films would be something like a documentary of college ragers. I imagined a cameraperson quietly walking around different events and gatherings and capturing all the wild debauchery that was going down. But before I even began watching, I was perplexed – where would all the sex come in? Would they have to tip-toe into separate rooms to document some actual action? There was no way any of the juicy stuff would be going on in the middle of the party… right?


All of that stuff (and more) did take place right in the middle of everything – dance floors, pools, living rooms, you name it! Hmmm… how could all this actually be “real”? I mean, it was clearly real in that it was actually happening, but how could this be unscripted? Not staged? Could it be that my college experience was actually kind of limited? Orrr could it be that maybe Wild College Parties was not 100% real?

These questions still boggle my mind, but as far as the content of the film goes…

Here is the Wild College Parties‘ line description from Pink Visual: “It’s time for another campus kegger and you know what that means – drunk sexy coeds in need of all the lesbian licking and cock swallowing they can take! Pink Visual scouted the sorority sisters at only the most off-the-hook campus parties across the nation to put together this collection of cock-riding cuties. These hot sorority sluts live to taste pussy, ride cock and spread their tight vertical smiles for every hard-bodied bitch or thick-dicked frat-boy that wants in on the action!” (sic)

And here is a mini-breakdown of the action… Both films feature five distinct sex scenes at different parties, and you can definitely tell that Pink Visual was trying to meet the need for a very specific consumer want: college parties with lots and lots of sex. In fact, as I finished #15 and started watching #16, I felt as though I had simply paused #15 to take a water break or something. Like it wasn’t even a different film.

So that being the case, from here on out I will talk about the films as if they were one (because in my mind they kind of were).

Soon after we first see the aforementioned perky be-g-stringed girl, we are introduced to her love interest (some dude). And a few seconds after their eyes meet from across the dance floor (I might have dramatized that some), they start going at it… ON THE BAR AT THE FRAT HOUSE!!! You know, that disgusting bar where people occasionally vomit after drinking one (or four) too many beers.

It is on that very same surface that Perky G-String rests her naked behind and gets sexually pleasured in more than one way. Not only do they do it on top of this beer-drenched bar, but everyone around them is watching and interjecting their opinions as they do so. Now maybe I was just always in the other room or something, but in spite of late college-aged bravado and myriad urban legends, I definitely never ever saw this type of action at a frat party.

So yeah… Most of the scenes are similar in that they are all very public and very much a spectacle. The College Students are all either doing it in a common area full of Other College Students or in a more private location with a smaller group of people watching and giving advice on which sexual position to assume next.

The giving of advice was quite interesting. Everyone around the couple seemed to have very distinct opinions on what type of position/sequence would be best. It was all very interactive, and I found it quite amusing.

And while all of this is happening, the man filming the entire show often chimes in and provides his own narration, advice, and questions. Most of the time he ends up saying pretty sleezy things, and telling the girls to moan louder or make more noises. I was never very fond of any of his commentary. It would have been a nicer experience had he just kept quiet.

There were two scenes that were a bit more private, but even those scenes were not without the obnoxious commentary from the man filming. These two scenes take place because either one or both of the participants feel/s the need to have sex in (relative) private. And even though a large group of people did eventually find their way into the private sex area (I guess they didn’t lock the doors…), I enjoyed these scenes much more. They seemed more intimate, at least in the beginning.

I am not very into the thought of sex in public, and every time I watched one of these scenes I felt as though both parties were definitely putting on an act – an act that was both for the camera (me and you!) and for all the people watching them in person. It’s one thing to have sex in front of a camera. That will obviously always be an act in some respect. But in Wild College Parties I felt as though I was getting a double act, and this made me question the “real” aspect of this project yet again.

But why can’t I just lay back and enjoy these films without thinking about what is “real” and what is not? Why must I try to delve so deep into intent and authenticity? And in the end, what constitutes “real” anyway?

Ok ok, I know I know - I am getting out of hand here! But once I put aside all these mental gymnastics about reality and whatnot, Wild College Parties #15 and #16 were pretty good. They featured all types of people (different ethnicities, body sizes, etc) and every single type of sexual combination you could image between women and men.

In my opinion, the only thing missing was more girl-on-girl action (ahem: “…drunk sexy coeds in need of all the lesbian licking…”). There were a couple of instances in which two girls would make out for a little, or one would go down on the other for about a minute or two (yes, I timed it)… but there was never anything more than that. I was hoping to see an entire scene featuring only two girls, but apparently the director was under the impression that this does not happen too often at college parties… even though I know for a fact that it does ;)

Recommended for: those who miss their college partying ways and days, those who are curious to see what goes on with College Students after dark, and fans of sex taking place in a fairly public settings.


Wild College Parties #15 starring Gianna Lynn, Emily Evermoore, Tiffany Merlot, Taylor Mae, and some dudes.

Wild College Parties #16 starring no one of consequence… (??)

Buy Pink Visual‘s Wild College Parties #15 here and Wild College Parties #16 here. Both were produced during 2010.

BTS: Before watching this section, I was hoping the BTS would provide a bit more insight into my “real” dilemma, and I think it definitely did.

The BTS for Wild College Parties #15 was more of a photo shoot-type of scene. One of the participants was having a topless photo shoot, and this is pretty much all we get to see. She ended off the photo shoot with a nice little striptease, too.

The BTS for #16 was a lot more graphic. Here we get to see how two ladies and a gent prepare for one of their sex scenes. His main objective is to show one of the ladies exactly how he will go about inserting multiple fingers inside her all at once. This scene was sort of like a job orientation for an apparent novice. After watching the second BTS, I became a lot more convinced that these films were not the type of “real” I was thinking they would be. All the actions apparently were planned out, thus answering a good portion of the questions I had :)

- Vittoria Buzza

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Vittoria Buzza is a queer Mexicana scholar in her early twenties. Her main research interests lie in the examinations of cultural tensions embedded in the visibility of Latina bodies in the media. Follow her on Twitter at @VittBuzz and/or email her here.