Review – New Sensations’ The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee (2014)

There are no words to describe New Sensations’ The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee (2014) …mostly because I was in tears by the time it was over – happy tears, hot (so hot) tears, tears that only come when something impacts you so significantly you’re almost bewildered.

It was like that.


(pictured: you must watch this film NOW here)

Only two other *adult* movies have ever made me cry – Wasteland (2012) and Cafe Flesh (1982) – both of which hold more meaning for me than any other filmic text I’ve ever seen (except for maybe Love and Basketball (2000) – I’m serious).

I realize all my reactions are intensely personal, thus cannot be used to generalize. Case in point: I watched a soft cut of Wasteland in a theatre with a friend of mine once. It was probably the third time I had seen the film, and I was still overwhelmed by the soft cut. My friend was like “Eh, it was pretty good.” He was not crying (like I was). Point being, our reactions are strictly our own.

Anna Lee was like that.


(pictured: Maddy O’Reilly as Anna Lee)

Here’s film’s the synopsis:

After growing up in a conservative home, a sexually repressed, Anna Lee (Maddy O’Reilly) seeks help in the most unlikely of places – an unconventional therapy practice called the Variel House. Known for taking a very hands-on approach to treatment, the Variel House pushes patients to their sexual limits through a variety of exercises geared at helping them confront their fears. It is during these exercises that Anna Lee is paired up with Emmett (Xander Corvus), a patient battling his own demons, and the two forge an unlikely friendship. Together they share their most intimate secrets and hidden desires while navigating an intensely provocative road towards sexual freedom. But when their erotic journey proves too challenging for Emmett to handle, Anna is left wondering whether true liberation can only be found on one’s own.

This movie, under the deft leadership of writer/director Jacky St. James, is perfect. It is perfectly cast, perfectly rendered, and is a perfect exploration of the tensions that build between being both a good girl …and a bad one. Now, do not misconstrue – these characterizations are 1) social constructions 2) that do not need to be held as mutually exclusive. And yet, that is what we as human civilization insist upon doing…

Any woman who has ever felt a tension between what she was “raised” to do and what she’d like to do should watch this film. Any woman who has ever felt that if she did something “bad” she would cease to be “good” (or vice versa) should watch this film. And anyone with a *thing* for Maddy O’Reilly and/or Xander Corvus should watch this film too …because they smolder.



(pictured: Anna and Emmett)

I will say no more. Instead, I will sit here with my wine and my tears and reflect upon what this film meant to me. I strongly suggest you do the same.

The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee

With performances from India Summer, Jessa Rhodes, Maddy O’Reilly, Natalia Starr, Johnny Castle, Steven St. Croix, and Xander Corvus.

Written and directed by Jacky St. James (who is also featured in a non-sex role here) for New Sensations. Released in March, 2014.

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