Review – Miss Lucifer’s Malice in Lalaland (2010)

Oh man – when I first heard about Malice in Lalaland (2010), a cracked out porno-style take on Alice in Wonderland, I was intrigued. I got super excited about Malice when I saw some still shots of the elaborate, almost-too-eerie-for-me costumes and animation. And when I came across a copy of the film a couple weeks ago, I totally thought I had scored!!

But after I actually watched the film, all I have to say is… meh.

Here’s the gist: Malice (Sasha Grey) is being held in some sort of mental institution-looking place. Rabbit subsequently helps her escape from Dr. Queenie (Andy San Dimas) and her orderly/lackey Jabbowski (Dirty Fred).

For the duration of the film, Malice has all sorts of mis/adventures and interacts with a series of pornofied Alice in Wonderland characters, all while being chased by the increasingly agitated Jabbowski. In the end, Jabbowski has Malice cornered in a café, and Queenie shows up with a shot of something psychedelic that turns her and Malice into cartoons… only she’s not Queenie anymore, she’s a red devil; and she’s not Andy San Dimas anymore either, she’s Jenna Presley… for a second. The last five minutes of the film make very little sense.

Now I know that this film has gotten great reviews already, so maybe I’m missing something. The character of Chester Katz (Keni Styles) and the scenes centered on the Mad Hatter’s party – a series of doors, each leading to an interesting snap of sexual delight – are rather clever takes on Alice.

And speaking of Chester Katz, I loved Keni Styles in this movie. He was hilarious and unsettling as a human porno Hunter S. Thompson-like Cheshire cat.  Plus, he did a masterful job in a boy-girl with Sasha Grey and in a three-way with Julez Ventura and Sadie West – way to live the dream for the Asian dudes, brother!! And the Kagney Linn Karter/Alan Stafford scene was interesting – they fuck in the back of a station wagon, and the way it’s shot gives you a feeling of spying (oooh… voyeurism!).

(pictured: Sasha Grey as Malice and Keni Styles as Chester Katz - AVN)

But still… meh! The sex really wasn’t all that great, especially given all the hype Malice and Miss Lucifer have gotten in that respect. Sasha Grey doesn’t really do anything very Sasha Grey-like. Maybe it’s wrong of me to always expect something crazy from that girl, but I do… especially when she’s wearing an Alice costume. And, honestly, I felt a little cheated out of some Jenna Presley – the box art makes it seem like you’re going to get to at least see her in all her devilishness, but you don’t… not really.

So I don’t know about you, Malice in Lalaland… maybe I had too high of hopes, but I can honestly say I preferred Tim Burton’s take over Lew Xypher’s.

Recommended for: bunny aficionados, people who want to see Asian guy talent awesome with an English accent!!, and those rare few who appreciate deep east Palmdale scenery.


Girls: Sasha Grey, Andy San Dimas, Kagney Linn Karter, Phoenix Marie, Jenna Presley, and more

Guys: Keni Styles, Tommy Gunn, Dirty Fred (non-sex), Ron Jeremy (non-sex), and others

Directed by Lew Xypher for Miss Lucifer

Releases on September 13, 2010. Buy you copy of Malice in Lalaland (2010) here.

BTS and Extras: Not so much in terms of extras… a cut of the film without the hardcore and standard BTS content (galleries from the film, interviews with talent, etc). Beautiful packaging.

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