Review – Madness Pictures’ Latin Mouth Club (2012) and Young Mouth Club (2011)

(In this review, Latin Mouth Club is a PVV Recommended Film)

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Madness Pictures‘ Latin Mouth Club (2012) and Young Mouth Club (2011) are both POV blow job movies – in each, some guy named Mo gets sucked off by five different chics, and we get to watch from his P(oint) O(f) V(iew). Latin Mouth Club features five Latina women; and in Young Mouth Club, we have – wait for it – five “young” women. (they’re also all white, not that that matters… though it may)

The sexy parts of these movies are all just fine, typical POV knob slobbing. In this respect, both Clubs are good… but they’re also somewhat unremarkable. It’s what comes before Mo shows us his cock (and during the BTS) that makes these collections interesting.

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Latin Mouth Club (2012) – PVV Recommended Film

Like I said: in Latin Mouth Club, Mo gets blown by five Latina women…

Though we never learn much about Mo himself, he does take the time to interview each woman before her scene, which is fascinating. We have the extremely incredulous “white girl,” Cassandra Cruz; the bubbly and beyond precious, Emy Reyes; Veronica Rodriguez, who epitomizes every popular imagination/questionable stereotype of South Beach-area Latinas ever; the almost maternally nurturing-seeming, Laurie Vargas; and quintessential LA girl Liv Aguilera.

Mo starts out each pre-BJ chat by asking each woman their age and where they’re from. The subsequent interviews are fascinating – as dramatically different, yet dramatically similar, as each individual lady. Accidentally on purpose, Mo asks each woman the most stereotypical (and occasionally super problematic) questions imaginable… while simultaneously working to deconstruct misconceptions at a level that’s rarely accessed.

For example, in asking simple questions like “So you’re Hispanic then…?” or “Why is that not Mexico?” (wtf!!?), Mo counters mainstream media’s apparently endless quest to flatten differences and nuance found amongst and between Latina women. In other words, as a culture, we like to dump all brown folks into the same pot. Mo counters this problematic practice by engaging difference.

[see Vittoria Buzza’s review of Dulce Media’s El Gordo y La Flaca XXX (2012) here for more on this topic]

What’s extra-smart, in my opinion, is that he engages difference on a level that might be easier for a practitioner of such thoughts to swallow. For example, if a person out there really thinks that all Puerto Rican woman are Mexicans and that “Latina” means “Hispanic” or that you can’t have brown skin and be from LA… well, undoing those beliefs might be difficult for any number of reasons. Latin Mouth Club draws someone in for a specific sex form and then presents such said “beliefs” in the manner of a question, giving each woman her own forum to explain what’s up. Though they each do this with varying degrees of success, the relevant thing here is that they have the opportunity.

Cleverly (though maybe partly serendipitously), Mo managed to embed a some social justice into a perfectly nice-but-regular POV blow job movie – something that someone who’s into “Latin mouths” would enjoy while perhaps learning a little geography (among other things).

Young Mouth Club (2011)

Minus the obvious performer change up, Young Mouth matches Latin Mouth precisely – the same guy named Mo gets blown by five “young” ladies, each of which he interviews before and during the BTS. This Mouth Club wasn’t quite as social justice infused and transcendent as the other, though it did do some good.

Young women who are not shy are often very chatty; but, probably because they’re young persons, they often don’t seem to have as much to discuss as, say, someone with a little more life experience. This is definitely not a hard-and-fast rule (ie Alyssa Branch), but it’s also not a completely off-base generalization either (ie Elaina Raye/Kyleigh Ann). These young mouths don’t really challenge too many late-teen stereotypes; however, they do disrupt a couple “porn chic” misnomers. All these girls are very sweet and friendly, clear-eyed and fresh-faced. None of them were vampy vixens or overt sexxx kittens, and none of them seemed to be train-wreck prima donna bitches. And we learn all this via Mo’s pre-polish interviews, so Young Mouth does do some deconstructing in that respect.


In terms of POV blow job movies, both of these titles are solid; but, in terms of porn with a little something more, I would go for Latin Mouth Club.


Latin Mouth Club Notables

Mo gets blown by Cassandra Cruz, Emy Reyes, Veronica Rodriguez, Laurie Vargas, and Liv Aguilera.

Latin Mouth Club (2012) was “shot, chopped, & rocked by Mo” for Madness Pictures. It was released in June, 2012. Buy your copy here.

BTS: pre pre-BJ interviews with each lady. In some respects, Mo struggles to make conversation and/or be critical… he also rides that same line between engaging stereotypes and deconstructing them… but that’s also not the point. The point is greater nuance, which we definitely get. We also get to see each woman doing her own make-up, which speaks to this collection’s overall budget.


Young Mouth Club Notables

Mo gets blown by Ally Kay, Alyssa Branch, Ashlynn Leigh, Kara Finley, and Elaina Raye (as Kyleigh Ann).

Young Mouth Club (2011) was “shot, chopped, & rocked by Mo” for Madness Pictures. It was released in May, 2011. Buy your copy here.

BTS: as discussed.


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