Review – Juicy Pink Box’s Therapy (2011)

Review by Vittoria Buzza

After watching Juicy Pink Box’s Therapy (2011), I was floored. All I could think was: “Why am I just now seeing this?!” Everything I love in adult films are there, and it’s. just. GIRLS!

(even better ;)

As Dr. Chauntelle put it (here): “Juicy Pink Box content is kind of like art-house lesbian porn. Those working behind the scenes collaborate with artists and visionaries to achieve a high standard of quality and maintain an ‘elevated aesthetic.’ Juicy Pink Box content is unscripted and inspired by classic cinema, iconic photographers, and progressive fashion trends.” (more about Juicy Pink Box here)

Yeah… I am soon going to become one of this company’s biggest fans. More than anything, I love that their films are unscripted. This makes it all seem so organic and real. Thumbs up for that!

But on to the film at hand…

Everything about Therapy was exceptional. Honestly, I do not even know where to start or how to do it all justice, but here goes….

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The premise of Therapy is just as simple as it is unique – therapy, or seven beautiful ladies featured in ten solo masturbation scenes set in a “therapist’s office.” (white therapist’s office recliner included)

The “therapist” is a woman whose face we never see. She asks each “patient” a variety of questions that get at exactly why they are seeking therapy. Each woman is there to deal with issues concerning their intimate relationships, and all of them are having some sort of relationship with another woman. YES!

In each scene, the patient would tell her story, taking off layers of clothing and masturbating as the tale intensified. Very sexy!

Now I know I have already mentioned (in my Amateurs in Mexico review) that I love learning about the performer’s real life stories (or what seems to be their real life stories)…. and I really, really do. When watching adult films, I find I enjoy them all a lot more if I feel as though I know the people on the screen. It just seems so much more authentic and sincere that way, and I like that.

So, as you can imagine, I very much enjoyed all the stories these ladies had to share. The stories include (but are not limited to) the following themes: coming to terms with their sexuality, having feelings for other women whilst in another relationship, desires to be dominated during sex, and being turned on by people other than their partners.

My favorite “session” was the two-part sequence featuring Ana. You see, three women had two therapy sessions in the film. Lucky for me, Ana was one of them.

Ana’s first session, which is actually the film’s opener, revolves around the story of her boyfriend and her newfound interest in women. She describes an experience she recently had with a woman; and, as soon as she starts getting in to the encounter’s more intimate details, her clothes slowly come off. The rest of the session is her description of this girl-girl encounter, all while softly masturbating.

Ana’s second session, which bookends her first as the film’s final scene, is about her boyfriend’s marriage proposal and her ever-growing desire to be with this (same) other woman instead. This last scene gets very steamy because Ana goes on to describe her desires for her mysterious lady in much detail. As she is describing these desires, all her pent up passions explode in an orgasmically fantastic masturbation scene, sprinkled with very sexy tidbits of narration amongst her moans.

I would love to go into detail about every single one of Therapy’s “therapy sessions,” but I would rather encourage you to do yourself the favor of watching this film. And incidentally, simply watching the visual stimuli of Therapy is unique in of itself.

The overall aesthetics of the film were unlike any I had ever seen before. The whole thing was so classy and somewhat dreamy that I often forgot I was watching something that was filmed and produced. The angles and shots made it seem as though I was looking in on someone’s intimate moments. I felt very far removed, but at the same time very much a part of all the action.

The music was soft and calming, but with a bit of a mysterious edge to it. This mysterious edge was intensified by the moments in the film where the scenes would blur a little. Just as you thought you would get a bit more of a close up, the shot would go blurry, giving the feeling of being in some sort of dream-like, fantasy state… and allowing the viewer to perhaps escape into their own world for a second ;)

Another aspect that I enjoyed very much was the variety of girls featured. Like I said, seven beautiful ladies performed in this film; and each woman was very physically different from her co-performers. Therapy showcased everything from very femme ladies to the more butch ones. Their articles of clothing ranged from tailored pantsuits with suspenders to lacy undergarments with stockings and a garter. The variety was great and really added to the film overall.

I think Juicy Pink Box’s Therapy helps bring an interesting, unique, and flat out sexy approach to girl-girl adult films. The aesthetics, elegance, and storyline(s) of the film provide a refreshing experience when it comes to viewing ladies doing sexy things on the screen. I highly recommend this film to anyone and everyone.


Recommended for: the entire universe! …but I’ll get more specific here – anyone who enjoys gentle adult content, those who like interesting stories and getting to know talent a little deeper, those who like solo girl scenes, and all lovers of beautiful ladies.



With performances from Ryan Keely, Dylan Ryan, Nic Switch, Dolores Haze, Simone Valentino, Ela Darling, and Jet Bleu.

Released in February, 2011. Juicy Pink Box films are distributed exclusively by Girlfriends Films.

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BTS and extras: interviews with Ryan Keely and Jincey Lumpkin, Esq., the mastermind behind Juicy Pink Box.

Vittoria Buzza


Vittoria Buzza is a queer Mexicana scholar in her early twenties. Her main research interests lie in the examinations of cultural tensions embedded in the visibility of Latina bodies in the media. Follow her on Twitter at @VittBuzz and/or email her here.