Review – Juicy Entertainment’s Run for the Border Series

Review by Vittoria Buzza

Before attempting to watch anything dealing with Mexico or the U.S./Mexico border, I always take a deep breath and tell myself not to get too worked up. I mean, honestly – the stereotypes are usually outlandish, and they tend to make the country where I was born seem like a shit show. But a lot of the research I do deals with U.S./Mexico border rhetoric… so, needless to say, I have taken many deep breaths.

Given all this, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Juicy Entertainment’s Run for the Border series (volumes 6 and 7 specifically).

At this point you might find yourself asking, “If these sorts of depictions get that Vittoria so worked up, why would she get all excited about something that sounds pretty outlandish?”

Well, I’ll tell you… While I have seen many films, commercials, advertisements, etc. about Mexico/Mexicans/border life, none of them had ever been sans clothes. THIS is where the excitement came in, and I had to see what this naked borderland was all about.


Run for the Border, Volume 6 (2009)

The film begins with Kelly Madison and Sienna West bouncing around and shouting the “Ay, ay, ay! Arriba arrrrriba!” Mexican “catch phrase.” Now I say “catch phrase” in quotes because in over twenty years of regular travel to Mexico, I have never once heard a native use such an expression.

(deep breath)

I was immediately a bit peeved; but, at the same time, I was intrigued to see what stereotypes might come next. Incidentally, this is what usually ends up happening when I watch depictions of Mexico – I want to stop watching, but at the same time I NEED to know what happens next. Ah! They always get me this way.

So anyway, given all that and the fact that I had never watched an adult film shot in Mexico, I was glued to my seat.


(pictured: volume 6)

Volume Six has a somewhat interesting story – a steamy love triangle of sorts involving Sienna, Kelly, and Ryan Madison. In the first half of the film we see Ryan and Kelly driving around the streets of Cabo San Lucas looking for a lady that might be able to provide them with some fun sexy times (for a nominal fee).

And guess who they find a few seconds later? A scantily clad “dirty Mexican” lady roaming the streets, of course.

Cue a three-way IN THE MOVING VEHICLE.

As the scene goes off, Sienna (playing the “dirty Mexican” lady who only speaks Spanish) continuously asks Kelly and Ryan for a “letter” to get into the U.S. She also asks for a shower because, you know, she’s so dirty and doesn’t have access to one otherwise.

(deep breath)

In fact, the entire scene involves Sienna talking about how poor and dirty she is, which gets really annoying after the first ten times. And in the end, Ryan and Kelly dump her back on the street… without payment.


And then, all of a sudden, it’s like you’re watching a different movie.

The next few scenes involve the same three performers, only now Sienna is SPEAKING PERFECT ENGLISH. There is never any mention of the poor “dirty Mexican” on the streets of Cabo. Everyone has sex a couple more times, and then we are transported to a beautiful beach wedding.

Now, this is where I get a bit confused. In the beginning, Kelly and Ryan were a couple (hunting for “dirty Mexican” sexy time, if you recall); but then, three scenes later…. Sienna and Ryan are the ones getting married. Huh? (incidentally and not that this has anything to do with depictions on screen, but Ryan and Kelly actually are a real life couple if I’m not mistaken)

There was no dialogue or anything leading up to these nuptials, and I was confused.  But I just figured my questions would be resolved in the next volume…


Run for the Border, Volume 7 (2010)

This film began at the airport with a very touchy-feely reunion between Kelly and Sienna. They seem excited to, yet again, be venturing off into the “dangerous” land of Mexico.

The main difference between these two installments of Run for the Border is that Volume 7 is more like <fill in some random trashy reality show>’s Spring Break Special than a bizarre love triangle (Volume 6).

It was odd… Volume 7 shows Kelly and Sienna partying a lot more than actually having sex. Now don’t get me wrong – the partying is quite sexual. It’s just that this sexual partying doesn’t always lead into some full-blown banging.


(pictured: volume 7)

When some actual sex finally did occur, everyone was doing it with everyone else. There was never any mention of the Sienna/Ryan coupling or their wedding (maybe they split up? jk), nor was there any mention of Kelly and Ryan as a couple. All these things are perfectly fine (hey, this is porn), but I was still stuck on the beach wedding? Why engage that trope/imagery/etc?

Maybe Run for the Border should be tagged with the secondary title: “Stuff People from the U.S. Like to do in Mexico”… get married on the beach, party like you’re forever 25, pick up hookers and refuse to pay them, make light of immigration issues, poke fun at people in crisis and/or in need of basic sanitation services. Maybe then it would make more sense, you know, as a series.

Although my deep breathing might have gotten to the hyperventilating level at some points, both volumes of Run for the Border were very interesting overall. They featured a lot of sex in Mexico, which, as I said, was something I had never seen in an adult film before; and, after some thought, I pretty much think that’s the point of the whole series in the first place.

The stereotypes were not as awful as I was expecting them to be. The only truly annoying scene was the one where Sienna was playing the desperate “dirty Mexican.”  I am not entirely sure how the filmmakers benefited from including this very long scene; and it, in conjunction with the wedding scene, only confused me in regard to the whole point of the series. However, if you have always wanted to have sex with a random “dirty Mexican” lady or if you like that sort of role playing, then this scene might tickle your fancy (much more than it did mine).

Personally, I like intricate storylines. I would have loved it if there had been some sort of outstanding reason for Kelly and Company to go to Mexico, but maybe that will happen in the next installment…

Recommended for: anyone who fantasizes about “dirty Mexicans,” fans of very large (very large) breasts, and for viewers who are curious to about porn sex in Mexico.



Run for the Border Volume 6 released in December, 2009 – get your copy here. Volume 7 released in April, 2010 – get your copy here.

Credited cast: Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison, and Sienna West (both installments)


BTS: Out of the two films, only Volume 6 featured any BTS content; and it was not very different from the actual film. One memorable part featured Sienna taking a bath and talking about her Mexican accent.

(deep breath)

Vittoria Buzza


Vittoria Buzza is a queer Mexicana scholar in her early twenties. Her main research interests lie in the examinations of cultural tensions embedded in the visibility of Latina bodies in the media. Follow her on Twitter at @VittBuzz and/or email her here.





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