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Joy is joyous, and I really like bears …especially polar bears, even though they’re supposedly mean, and koala bears, but they’re not really bears so maybe that doesn’t count. Anyway.

…so when two films from JoyBear Pictures came in the mail, I was super excited to watch them!!

British producer and director Justin Ribeiro dos Santos owns JoyBear Pictures, purveyors of “raunchy films for her and for him.”  He and Oliver McDowell directed Street Heat and The London Sex Project (respectively), and man-oh-man are they both interesting.  Aside from the nifty euro underground 90s-like techno music (“original music to get you in the mood” – it’s good, I promise), cinéma vérité stylings, and the obvious English accents, each of these films has its own little charming quirks that make them super worthwhile.

In Street Heat (US release date 5/5/10), man-in-the-street Justin Ribeiro dos Santos (I assume?) attempts to find random passersby willing to be surveyed… and bring some heat to his little film project.  The five resulting scenes punctuated with a little strip-teasing dancing girl make for some pretty convincing, yet kinder gentler, English gonzo-lite – fantastic!!



The London Sex Project (US release date 3/24/10) is even more reality-based such that it presents itself as a documentary.  Accordingly, because six out of ten people have sex outside their relationships (no citation was listed), Joybear Pictures commissioned award-winning filmmaker (no awards won were listed) Oliver McDowell to find out why. And, honestly, I knew – knew – this was not an actual documentary film going in (hence, the omission of cites and awards?), but I watched the whole damn thing from beginning to end like it was some cutting edge anthropology – definitely a convincing mockumentary!!



Finding company specifics about JoyBear was a little difficult for me. This may be because of the whole English thing and/or the fact that JoyBear seams to be a smaller company and/or the fact that their website was a little awkward.  Plus, their films have only had US distribution (via Wicked Pictures) since February, 2010.

Regardless, these are delightfully quirky little gems that may be on their way to creating a new spoof/gonzo-lite/anthropology genre …with an accent!!

2011 AVN Awards Nominations for JoyBear

The London Sex Project: Best Foreign Feature; Best Director – Foreign Feature (Oliver McDowell)

Street Heat: Best Foreign Feature; Best Director – Foreign Feature (Justin Ribeiro Dos Santos)

Buy The London Sex Project here and Street Heat here

…and one article about JoyBear from AVN.

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