Review Haiku – Wicked Pictures’ Tuff Love (2013)

If I were evaluating Wicked Pictures’ Tuff Love (2013) on some sort of emotionless basis, I would say that it was just fine. Gyms, cages, pads, and fight chics – oh my!! But I wanted it to kick a different level of ass – like, super kick ass on a literal and emotional level… and it didn’t.

In Tuff Love

Wholesome Adrianna must choose between love and destiny. Faced with continuing to train her lover and top-ranked fighter, or to delve into the seedy world of underground female smoker fights, she must make a choice that will affect her life forever. Will she choose love or her life’s passion? Laced with graphic, hard-hitting sex and neck-snapping MMA action, find out what fate holds in store for Adrianna…


(pictured: Tuff Love – buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

So this film explores underground “smoker” fights… “Smokers” are unsanctioned competitions, usually featuring amateurs fighters who’re just starting out. And when faced with either continuing to train her top-ranked fighter lover or delving into the world of underground lady smoker fights herself, Adrianna Luna (who, in a very Digital Playground-like move, plays “Adrianna” here) must make a choice.

It just didn’t work for me.

I know that Adrianna Luna actually trains MMA for real…


(pictured: Adrianna Luna – you can listen to her talk about MMA here)

…which only served to render all the slo-mo fight fluff both silly and unnecessary – hardly “neck-snapping MMA action,” show the actual goods!! And though the motions of the 55mph (vs the 90mph I was looking for) fight sequences were good, Adrianna’s acting was flaaat. And even jessica drake, who I know prepares quite extensively for any role she takes on, wasn’t very convincing this time.


Plus the story pissed me off – in order to follow your career-like dreams, girl (Adrianna), you have to lose it all (if “all” is referring to romance and a personal life)? I mean, good on Adrianna because she doesn’t really seem to care in the end and who needs some douche that makes you choose between following your dreams and being in his corner anyway!! …but still.

(you can watch the trailer for Tuff Love –> here)

So I guess that’s just tough love. And I guess I wanted a more convincing and compelling storyline, one that didn’t rely on an iteration of the tried, true, and tired virgin/whore dichotomy. Oh well…


(pictured: this girl fight’s not gonna go the way you think it will… oh wait)

Digital Playground did girlfights and woman fighters much better with Fighters (2011) –> review here.


Recommended for: people who like the idea of fighting, not for those who actually do.


Tuff Love

With performances from Adrianna Luna, Ariel X, Celeste Star, Charley Monroe, jessica drake, MacKenzee Pierce, Mischa Brooks, Stevie Shae, Brad Tyler, Derrick Pierce, and Steven St. Croix. Non-sex appearances from Brad Armstrong and Barrett Blade.

Written and directed by Derrick Pierce for Wicked Pictures. Released in March, 2013.

Buy your copy of Tuff Love and/or watch it now here.

BTS and Extras: standard fare, plus one bonus scene.


Spend your time listening to PVV’s podcast interview with Adrianna Luna here instead – better.


(pictured: real life couple Adrianna and Derrick don’t work out in Tuff Love)

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