Review Haiku – Wicked Pictures’ Show No Mercy (2013)

show. no. MERCY!!!

I don’t know enough about comics and anime and any number of other things to accurately contextualize Wicked Pictures’ first cosplay adventure, but I do know this – Barrett Blade’s Show No Mercy is hot and dirrrrty.


The evil Lord Zuru in his ever-longing quest to rule the galaxy attempts to control the 5 sex-crazed muses of Ciria. By doing so, Zuru’s plan to fuse their powers and create one master power creates an intergalactic hardcore frenzy – that’s guaranteed to satisfy the wildest of perversions, in this the ultimate Cosplay Adventure!


(pictured: no mercy shown!! buy your copy and/or watch Show No Mercy now –> here)

So, kind of like Gargamel needed six Smurfs to make a bar of gold, Lord Zuru needs all five muses - Serafina (Alexis Monroe), Angeni (Molly Bennett), Andromeda (Mischa Brooks), Sappho (Miss Eva Lovia), and Queen Valeska (Anikka Albrite) - to harness some ultimate form of power. Sweeeet.

Zuru has a bevy of henchpeople helping him attempt to capture the muses – Alektra Blue, Eric Masterson, Marcus London, and others make perfect bad guys.

Sometimes the muses get a little distracted by sex… it’s understandable… but then they get captured!! Other times, the muses get captured and sex-related things are used to make them talk. Occasionally though, the muses use sex to their advantage.

It’s all very naughty and breathless and titillating – yum!! Whatsmore, Show No Mercy is far more hardcore than your average Wicked film.


(pictured: Andromeda and some kinda wild haired henchman – hottest)

This collection has tons of extra touches that really amp up its awesome – convincing superhero effects (Andromeda’s concrete smashing entrance from above!!), decent fight scenes, and great music.

There’re also cards inserted at the beginning of each scene featuring artistic renderings of each respective muse and all these neat moments where the live-acting characters are overlaid with some kinda comic book-looking effect. Just plain cool!!


 (pictured: Angeni will not talk!!)

So yeah… Show No Mercy was awesome. Original and fresh, with an edgy presentation throughout – loved it!!


Recommended for: superheros, costume aficionados, and anyone with a little bit of bad guy inside them…


Show No Mercy

With performances from Alektra Blue, Alexis Monroe, Annika Albrite, Mischa Brooks, Miss Eva Lovia, Molly Bennett, Barry Scott, Eric Masterson, Marcus London, Michael Vegas, and Will Powers.

Directed by Barrett Blade for Wicked Pictures. Released in March, 2013.

Buy your copy of Show No Mercy and/or watch it now here.

BTS and Extras: standard fare, plus THREE (three!!) bonus scenes.


(pictured: henchlady Alektra Blue and the never before seen Miss Eva Lovia as Sappho)


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