Review Haiku – Wicked Pictures’ Bad Teachers Uncovered (2011)

Sometimes, a person just needs a little break from her work. I felt like that earlier (it’s been a long week), so I decided to watch Wicked PicturesBad Teachers Uncovered (2011).

It looked light and entertaining, and I was totally on board with the box cover – “Fuck Skool” is right!!

(come to think of it… I’m not sure if the mantra “Fuck Skool” was meant to be more along the lines of “Skool, fuck off!!” or “This is a skool wherein one might learn how to fuck” …hmmm, whatever)

It was cute, though the vignette-shaping concept of “bad teachers” didn’t pan out all that well as the film progressed…

Scene One – mild mannered music teacher Barrett Blade (doing triple duty here as a director, a performer, and a hard-hitting investigative journalist) totally takes advantage of his innocent little student, Kaylani Lei… or so we think!! Through a series of “rumor” VS “fact” split screens, we get to see how Professor Blade was actually the opposite of bad.

Scene Two – very bad “school disciplinarian” Alektra Blue punishes incorrigible slacker Xander Corvus. Again with the “rumor” VS “fact” screens – cute!!

Scene Three – very bad “Engleesh” teacher Ramon Nomar has Stevie Shae do a little extracurricular work.

Scene Four – here we totally leave the whole “bad teacher” premiss as grande dame Nicole Aniston (odd to see her made up this way) does everything she can to get Dean Tony De Sergio to refrain from punishing her daughter, Madelyn Monroe…

…who is off banging Seth Gamble in the other room!! (Scene Five)

Bad Teachers Uncovered is a cute concept that seemed to fall apart mid-way through; regardless though, scene by scene, it was well-done. I liked how it invoked the timely topic of authority figures seducing their students, while very clearly highlighting the fact that sometimes the “underlings” are definitely the instigators (Kaylani!!).

Plus, even though “Fuck Skool” never actually materializes, there is plenty of fodder for Blackboards in Porn here – heeee!!

 (pictured: hilarious)

With Performances By…

Nicole Aniston, Alektra Blue, Kaylani Lei, Madelyn Monroe, Stevie Shae, Barrett Blade, Ramon Nomar, Seth Gamble, Tony De Sergio, and Xander Corvus

Bonus scene featuring Jennifer White, Nicole Aniston, and Danny Mountain

Wicked PicturesBad Teachers Uncovered was directed by Barrett Blade and released in December, 2011. Buy your copy here.

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