Review Haiku – Wicked Pictures’ Alektra Blue: In Another Light (2013)

Some time a long time ago, I overheard some comedian comedian-ing about Lenny Kravitz…

Quite the Jokey Smurf, the comic musings were about badassery – namely, what would it be like to ALWAYS have to be a badass? Presumably, and I don’t disagree, Lenny ALWAYS has to be a badass. He ALWAYS must be dressed to the studs (badass nines) and ALWAYS must look cool and collected… even when, for example, his plumbing is (allegedly) destroying neighbors’ homes below.

He does a really good job at this.


(pictured: we are never this cool, and Lenny always is)

But he also never gets a day off!! Can you imagine Lenny with a cold, wearing sweats at the neighborhood CVS? Or screaming at the top of his lungs in terror-joy during his first zip lining experience? Making a face after eating something yucky?

No, you cannot, because even while making breakfast (or whatever), Lenny is cooler and more badass than the rest of us. And regardless of the fact that it’s arguably part of his job (and also part of why he gets to keep his job), he has to be like this 100% of the time.

Like Lenny, Alektra Blue seems like she’s constantly in a state of heightened badassery. With very rare exception (e.g. the absolutely adorable Next Friday Night), Alektra is always the rule breaker, always the tough chic. She’s the one who fucks harder and cares less than any other bitch around \m/

So when I saw images for Wicked Pictures’ Alektra Blue: In Another Light (2013), I was really taken aback. Who was this softly lit, glowy woman? And, most importantly, why was she being presented in this *other* light?


(pictured: buy your copy of In Another Light and/or watch it now here)

This is what was promised:

Fans of Adult Superstar Alektra Blue and critically acclaimed director Van Styles, will rejoice – as two of the biggest names in XXX join forces and deliver a hardcore “day in the life” masterpiece. A perfect contradiction of style, as Blue delivers a feverish sexual energy – while Styles shoots with a discrete, subtle approach. The result? An All-Sex XXX Classic!

(my god, such punctuation)

And that’s kinda what we got – though it wasn’t really a “day in the life” (or a masterpiece), the sex performances were within Alektra’s Wicked tenor, shot with a slightly gentler eye in far more willowy-than-usual settings. It was all very pretty.

In Another Light wasn’t what I was expecting or looking for on the basis of the images or the box copy synopsis – I was really hoping for sincere Alektra insight – but it’s a fine collection nonetheless. The obvious highlight is a three-way between Alektra, Dani Daniels, and Manuel Ferrara – expected intensity, just shot in another light.


(pictured: what I wanted was more of this…)


Alektra Blue: In Another Light

With performances from Alektra Blue, Dani Daniels, Kiera King, Bruce Venture, and Manuel Ferrara.

Directed by Van Styles for Wicked Pictures. Released in October, 2013.

Buy your copy of In Another Light and/or watch it now here.


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