Review Haiku – Tanya Tate’s Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens (2013)

You know how Batman looks like this now:


(pictured: Christian Bale as Batman)

…but remember when he and all his friends and foes and schtick used to look like this?:


(pictured: Adam West as Batman)

The superhero stylings of Tanya Tate’s Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens (2013) are more Adam West than they are Christian Bale, and I loved it!!


(pictured: Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens!!)

The premise is simple and situational:

Tanya Tate and her gal pals are excited for Comic Con! Before Tanya suits up in a sexy superhero cosplay costume she has a naughty dream of being a super villain! Super starlet Amanda Tate is strapped down in Tanya’s laboratory where she is given an orgasmic full body physical. When the fantasy comes to an end, Tanya checks on Annie Cruz who would rather play with her geek girlfriend, Catie Parker, in the shower before gearing up to go… After a day of geeking out, Tanya comes home with her bag of comic book swag to see sexy Zoey Holloway has set up a naughty horny birthday party that involves a three-way with Cassie Laine lassoed in a bow. The women wear the capes and the girls get roped in this superhero fantasy!

…with sets and costumes that totally invoke the camp-tastic DIY feel so characteristic of the original television “Batman” (1966 – 1968).


(pictured: Tanya Tate, Cassie Laine, and Zoey Holloway)

And, if I’m really being honest, CQ&TUT is actually pretty kinky. I mean, there’s something to be said about cougar-ific women in costumes who look they *actually* could be cosplayers (vs epic Hollywood CGI superheroes or something) “tying up” young ladies with the most meager of twine.

So holy thundersnow, folks – if you’re in the need for some naughty super-fun, that’s still relatively innocent, look no further than Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens!!


Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens 

With performances from Tanya Tate, Amanda Tate, Annie Cruz, Cassie Laine, Catie Parker, Ela Darling, Nicki Hunter, and Zoey Holloway.

Directed by Tanya Tate for Filly Films. Released in December, 2013.

Buy you copy of this super fun cosplay and/or watch it now here.


(pictured: a villainous fantasy!!)

BTS: great conversation footage with all the queens and teens, including some discussion from mastermind Tanya Tate.

Check out more of Tanya’s naughty-kinky directorial work – Runaways (the best!!) and Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffin Party.


And, just for fun, The Dark Knight is awesome…


…but there’s something so much awesomer about Adam West!!


* * *

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