Review – Severe Society Films’ The Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s a Bitch (2012)

Something about this guy Tim “Professional Villain” Woodman fascinates me… and that very same thing equally scares the crap out of me.

Who calls themselves a “Pro Villain” anyway? Or describes themselves as “Just an evil man, trying to make a dishonest living in an unfair world”?!!


(or was that a shiver?)

Regardless, when Severe Society FilmsThe Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s a Bitch (2012) – a film that both stars and was directed by Tim Woodman – arrived at my doorstep… well, I had to take a peek.

The premise is simple enough: Kiki Daire hires Tim to exact revenge on Amber Rayne, who has (allegedly) committed the pettiest of petty crimes. Since he’s a revenge specialist for hire, Tim is happy to collect his fee for services soon-to-be rendered. He then proceeds to abduct Amber off the (set) street and “work her over.” However, the tables are soon turned as Amber gets some revenge of her own…


Some interesting things:

– The Devil’s Workshop is Severe Society Films’ second directorial collaboration with Tim and marks their return to heavy BDSM play featuring dominant men. According to Severe Society Films co-owner/director/editor Dee Severe, they generally concentrate on FemDom content.

This is interesting in so many ways, not the least of which are the production challenges that must arise when creating content of this nature. (ie how is this dominant man going to look to viewers in terms of gender, power, etc; how do these performances look to experienced practitioners versus those just starting out, etc)

– There is no penetrative sex in this film, just a lot of heavy BDSM play with a dominant man and two women subs… and two blowjobs. This is a hallmark of BDSM content – the sexiness is in the kink, not necessarily in the sex.

– Though the film was well done in terms of authenticity and creativity (minus extremely low sound at points), it wasn’t nearly as scary or as villainous as I thought it was going to be. And the sub women performers were excellent at being “scared” while still having smiles in their eyes. I guess it’s difficult to fake fear when you’re really into what’s happening (as Amber and Kiki appeared to be).

 (pictured: box art, front and back) 

Some bio info on Tim says: “Tim Woodman is a self-styled Professional Villain. He makes his living tying up and violating beautiful girls on camera. In addition to running his own websites and, he also appears as Dom-for-hire at SSF, DungeonCorp, and other BDSM-themed sites.”

From my very cursory perusal of both ProVillain and BondageBlowjobs, it looks like Tim’s content is a little heavier on his personal sites – “nastier, bloodier rape torture murder stuff.” He also seems to “tie up and violate” some pretty high-profile performers. In addition to more Kiki and Amber, I saw Faye Reagan, Lexi Belle, Asa Akira, and others.

Tim seems like an interesting guy, a person who talks about how he can engage “extreme” performances precisely because he is so careful and good at his job (interview articles with Tim by Clarisse Thorn to these ends here and here).

It might not be your thing, but The Devil’s Workshop and other titles from Severe Society Films are definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in heavier BDSM content.

For more on Severe Society Films, including podcast interviews with Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway, go here.


With Performances By…

Tim Woodman, Kiki Daire, and Amber Rayne

Severe Society Films‘ The Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s a Bitch (2012) was directed by Tim Woodman. Buy your copy of the DVD through SSF’s Videos4Sale store.


Extras: there were only about 15 minutes of extras on the DVD, but they were so beneficial!! There was an “Interviews” segment where all three performers (Tim, Kiki, and Amber) giggled together and talked about the scene. This included Amber talking about how difficult it was to act like she was not enjoying her time with Tim. It was really nice to see their perspectives off-camera.

The “Behind the Scenes” segment was a little difficult to watch in terms of a swirling camera, but it was interesting to see how the abduction was set up. (and Jimmy Broadway gets major points for climbing on the roof to get the overhead shot!)

* * *

Images courtesy of Severe Society Films *except* the first image of Tim, which was pulled from his Twitter feed here.

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