Review Haiku – Marc Dorcel’s The Ingenuous (2013)

Holy hotness!!

That’s really all I have to say about Marc Dorcel’s The Ingenuous (2013) – it’s lush, it’s gorgeous, it’s extravagant. The Ingenuous is pure fantasy.


(pictured: Anna Polina is The Ingenuous)

Here’s what happens:

Sarah [Anna Polina], a young and ingenuous woman, meets Alicia [Tarra White]. Beautiful, rich and powerful, Alicia will take Sarah under her wing and introduce her to a luxurious universe, where the pleasures of the flesh are unlimited. Having just arrived at Alicia’s beautiful manor house, Sarah is overcome by the atmosphere of the place, and has a terribly erotic dream in which she joins three gorgeous and hot lesbians. At nightfall, Alicia draws her new “protégée” into a very special kind of evening party: young bourgeois women are feverishly making love, and will finish by being taken up the arse by a man with an incredibly hard cock. On the edge of arousal, Sarah cannot back out now. Submissive and obeying her new mistress’ every command, Sarah will let herself be carried to the heights of pleasure by offering her welcoming orifices to virile, mysterious men during the course of a spectacular high society orgy. No taboo will be able to restrain Sarah in her quest for ever more intense orgasms. (sic)

The plot makes little-to-no sense – you expect me to believe Sarah is a hard knock waitress, a woman just waiting to be rescued from the doldrums of her mundane existence? No.

And Alicia – aside from her being “powerful,” we have no idea who or what she is… And this mansion and these costumes and all these chics – really?

IMG_9910 small

(pictured: Tarra, Aleska, and Anna – hott)

None of that matters, though, because The Ingenuous epitomizes a very pure form of adult content – an elaborate rendering of absolute fantasy with no self-reflection. It’s porn from the heyday, when things were blown out of the water in a manner that took your breath away first …and probably didn’t allow you to ask questions later.

I admit I engaged The Ingenuous’ lack of self-reflection for a moment – the idea of entitled opulence, the notion that “every girl wants to be a princess,” etc – these are loaded concepts that need to be taken critically within the context of wider society.

But this is also a movie. Marc Dorcel and his crew did not create these issues, and I gotta tell you: sometimes just sitting back and enjoying the excess is nice…

IMG_2887 small

(pictured: daisies… totally real)

The Ingenuous

With performances from Eileen, Tarra White, Samantha Jolie, Aleska Diamond, Anissa Kate, Victoria Blaze, Rita Peach, Angel Piaff, and many others.

Marc Dorcel’s The Ingenuous was created by Michael Ninn and Max Candy. It released in May, 2013.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here.


BTS and Extras: “Making of…” footage that’s actually pretty interesting, available in an array of languages

Marc Dorcel and Max Candy also collaborated on Inglorious Bitches (2011) – same thing: high-end elaborate fantasy, lush lush lush, just a different plot. Also, 100% worth it –> here.

IMG_5195 small

(pictured: hot, hot, hot… but where did this fantasy come from?)

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