Review Haiku – Evil Angel’s Legendary: The Best of Belladonna (2013)

Belladonna is so interesting…

She’s absolutely compelling – not only do you want to see what she will do next, you want to hear what she’ll say next. You don’t skip over anything.

She does some off-the-wall stuff, stuff that’s often waaay too much for me… Like that ariel silks stuff? Amazing, but way too bendy and scary. And that whole thing with the cutlery? Also, too much. For me.

Belladonna is… strange. She wears things and does things and presents herself in ways that are discordant with the rest of the world. Sometimes this discordance is harshly out of step, but other times it’s simply a soft flittering – a gentle and sincere doing of one’s own thing.


(pictured: I have no idea, but it’s interesting)

In so many ways, Belladonna is the most powerful person ever – she bounces around outside the conventional structure of things, all while we watch and wait in anticipation of her next trick.

So, there’s this Legendary: The Best of Belladonna compilation…


(pictured: buy your copy of Legendary and/or watch it now here)

Honestly, I can’t tell you if this collection is actually *the* best of Belladonna – she’s done so much, how can one really make that determination? It is, however, a pretty involved and comprehensive set – five scenes with Bella and various men and five scenes with Bella and various women.

I personally have always liked her “lesbian” scenes better. I like the random chit-chatting and adventuring she has with women more than the random scenarios she has with men – both are equally as “wtf?!!” extreme at times… but maybe it’s the girl in me that prefers all the giddy stuff?

If you’re a Belladonna fan, you cannot go wrong with this collection. Hell, if you just want to see an amazing display of what the human body is capable of, you cannot go wrong with this collection.


Legendary: The Best of Belladonna

With performances from Sandra Romain, Cytherea, Joanna Angel, Dana DeArmond, Bobbi Starr, Alexis Texas, James Deen, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong, Mr. Pete, Mark Wood, John Strong, and – of course – Belladonna.

Interesting: released under the Belladonna label a la Evil Angel, the banner reads “Aiden Riley” where the director ordinarily is. I went prowling around for answers, but conflicting stories prompted me to abandon the search… It’s a best of Bella collection, and it’s associated with the Belladonna Entertainment label – that’s all I got.

Buy your copy of Legendary and/or watch it now here.



 (pictured: again – no idea, but it’s interesting…)

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