Review Haiku – Evil Angel’s Fluid (2013)

I initially pulled Fluid (2013) out of my box of tricks because I liked – actually, loved – the cover…


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…but there’s more than just wetness to be interested in here.

This is all the synopsis we get:

Spit, sex, water bondage and breath play… how far will they go to please their partners?

Pretty far.

Directed by Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel, Fluid features four scenes that literally leave you breathless. None of them are too hardcore, but the role various liquids of various viscosities and their breath-obstructing properties play in each scene is really very interesting.

The Dana-Johnny (underwater bj!!), Allie-Steven (splashy spit sloppy), and Sheena-Manuel scenes are all well done, but I found the Aiden-Justine-Dana sequence to be the most compelling…

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 3.24.18 AM

(pictured: various liquids of various viscosities)

In this scene, Aiden ties Justine up (for reals, not just some silly pretend restraints), waterboards the hell out of her, and then proceeds to dip and dunk her – still restrained – into a bathtub. Dana supervises, films, and occasionally joins in.

At no point does Justine seem panicked or in crisis. In fact, aside from little “I’m so turned on” and “Oh my gosh, really…” whimpers, she seems super calm. Aiden is also calm, and deadly (in the best way ever), throughout.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 3.18.43 AM

(pictured: Justine and Aiden)

As a whole, Fluid is a solid collection, but the Aiden-Justin-Dana scene is really standout. The performers engage a series of decently dangerous play in a way that is absolutely professional… So professional, in fact, that the ladies are also able to get all sexed up over it, which is not an easy task.

I feel compelled to say however that this scene is definitely NOT something to try at home without proper training and/or supervision… but you can always just hold your breath and pretend Aiden is there with you – it’ll do the trick.

One minor point: though there is a long shot featuring some coconut oil, I wish there had been a more overt mention re how much NON-water-based lubes (ie coconut oil or something silicone based) had to have been involved in making this film.



With performances from Aiden Starr, Allie Haze, Dana Vespoli, Justine Joli, Sheena Shaw, Chad Diamond, Johnny Castle, Manuel Ferrara, and Steven St. Croix

Directed by Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel, released in July, 2013.

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BTS and Extras: not too much here, but some footage of Aiden rigging Justine that’s really interesting…

Dana_Glam1(pictured: Dana Vespoli)

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