Review Haiku – Elegant Angel’s Natural (2011)

I must make a proclamation!!

Here it is: Elegant Angel‘s Natural (2011) was breathtaking in that way only Elegant Angel films can be (see more on Elegant Angel’s brand of “breathtaking” here); however, the film would have been more aptly titled Having Sex with Manuel Ferrara is Awesome.


(pictured: naturally delicious right here)

This is for two specific reasons…

1. There are five scenes in Natural, all fairly straightforward and all epitomizing the unique starkly beautiful Elegant Angel aesthetic. Of the five scenes, Manuel Ferrara is in three (three!!) of them – one with April O’Neil, one with Victoria Rae Black, and another with Angelica Raven.

In each tryst, Manuel reduces his respective partners to smeary/bleary giggling puddles of girl mess. His scene with April is particularly noteworthy – there is no way that girl could fake that joy… three or four (or five?) times… and squirting (not into the camera either, like they weren’t even expecting it!!). It was awesome.

He also doesn’t get all crazy and there’s no Ass-Fucked Manuel at any point in Natural, and I have to admit I found this so refreshing!! It was nice to see his talents/speeds in a tenor other than “hyper balls out,” which is what we usually get in his gonzo (glam-gonz or otherwise) performances.

All this can amount to only one thing: Having Sex with Manuel Ferrara is Awesome.

(the other two scenes were a boy-girl between cover girl Amy Reid and James Deen and a girl-girl between Hayden Winters and Taylor Vixen, and both were very good)

And the other reason I declare the need for a title change is…

2. I still am struggling with that attribution – “natural.” What ever does that mean??

Now I know “natural” is simply code for “no boob jobs,” and I accept that as part of the current porno lexicon… but I just can’t move on when the lack of boob jobs is the only “natural” thing about the project and the performers therein!!

Aside from the setting and the lighting and the oil/water misting (all amazing), three of the girls have tattoos (baby, you weren’t born that way), all of them have beautiful hair and make-up (again), and I know for a fact that one has had fairly significant dental work (…aaand again). These things are all well and good, I just struggle with referring to anything in the modern world as “natural” …but especially in film projects and extra especially in porn.

(pictured: the lovely April O’Neil, super un/natural)

Some of you may recall that I discussed this same issue of “natural” in my review of Girlfriends Films’ All Natural Glamour Solos (2011) - “glamour” and “all natural” seem bizarre together!!

And, on the flip side, why does “natural” just mean “no boob jobs.” Why stop with boobs? Why not nose or ass or lips (oh, lips these days) or nails or tattoos or hair extensions or…? No one would ever call Kagney Linn Karter (who’s featured in a bonus scene with Ramon Nomar) “natural,” but her implants probably took less time than Hayden Winters’ tattoos and she wears no more or less make-up than her contemporaries.

Now I know… I’m not *certain* about that (exact times and ounces of make-up), but you get my point – aside from “why the line?,” why are boobs the line? Ultimately, I continue to struggle with this particular nomenclature, which is why I vote for the name change…

…so I really liked Elegant Angel’s Having Sex With Manuel Ferrara is Awesome aka Natural – it was a film filled with great-without-being-too-crazy beautiful scenes and no boob jobs.

With Performances By…

April O’Neil, Hayden Winters, Amy Reid, Angelica Raven, Victoria Rae Black, Taylor Vixen, Manuel Ferrara, and James Deen

Elegant Angel‘s Natural released in August, 2011 and was directed by William H.

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