Review Haiku – Digital Playground’s Nurses 2 (2012)

Oh Digital Playground, you always make the same movie…

Well, not really exactly… but between Babysitters giving off Body Heat, Cheerleaders, and Titlicious Top Guns with Island Fever, I’ve begun to notice a lot of what I’d like to refer to as DP Signature Elements – contract girl ensemble casts with one or two hott extras thrown in for a spicy mix, dudes pulled from the same performer pool, and the almost inevitable orgy scene at the end.

This formula predominates every level on the DP XXX Film Caliber Spectrum, which sounds so yaaaaawn.


(pictured: buy your copy of Nurses 2 and/or watch it now here)

But it’s called branding people, and occasionally there is some variability.

Regarding the aforementioned DP XXX Film Caliber Spectrum: Digital Playground makes a lot of throw away titles, like The [God Awful] Crib. But, when they’re actually trying, their projects are generally very good. See Fighters for proof of supreme awesome (and no orgy!!)

Anyway, somewhere between The Crib and Fighters are movies like Nurses 2… (and Mothers & Daughters)

Nurses 2 was cute and kinda campy. It also captured the DP Signature Elements formula precisely. With a description like this…

Dr. Ben English has a hard enough time keeping his badly behaved staff in line. The added stress of his sex-crazed daughter BiBi Jones humping everyone in the hospital is too much for his ticker! Luckily, Nurse Nikita Von James knows mouth to mouth. Nurses Kayden Kross and Jesse Jane are locked in a battle of wits vs. tits for the affections of Dr. Manuel Ferrara. Nurse Riley Steele shows off her hottest moves for ultimate poser Erik Everhard, and curvaceous patient Alexis Texas looks to Dr. James Deen to get to the bottom of her swollen booty all while the staff is working ’round the clock to bring Selena Rose out of her coma. An orgy is just what the doctor ordered!

…how could it not?

But whatever!!

You get what you get with Nurses 2, and what you get is exactly what you’d expect – a few funny quirky moments, some totally random things thrown in for the sake of a sex scene (I’m talking to you, Alexis Texas and James Deen Scene), Kayden Kross having sex with Manuel Ferrara, Bibi Jones being completely unappealing, and Riley Steele being incredibly adorable.

With the exception of films like Fighters, watching a Digital Playground flick is a lot like going to a piano bar – no matter the city, you know there will be drinking and carousing and recognizable songs. It’s not the most original activity, but it’s usually a decent time.


With Performances By…

Bibi Jones, Alexis Texas, Selena Rose, Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Nikita Von James, Erik Everhard, Tommy Gunn, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, James Deen, and Ben English

Digital Playground’s Nurses 2 released in June, 2012.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here.




***** don’t scroll down any further if you’re offend by/afraid of hard penis shots *****

When looking through the production stills, the images below and the picture of Alexis Texas and James Deen above made me laugh and think about sociology.

Scholars and critics often talk about the emphasis on disembodied body parts that occurs in porn – ie the camera focuses on particular body parts only, titles and lines center on a specific physical asset and/or sexual act, etc etc. (less frequently mentioned is the exact same tendency in mainstream advertising and marketing) Often, these discussions describe women’s disembodiment (while ignoring men’s), such as that which is occurring with Alexis’ ass above, as a wholly negative thing.

These discussions came to mind when I came across this image:

(pictured: who is that disembodied man??)

Like most men who work in porn as performers, Manuel Ferrara certainly has the underside of his balls photographed often. Further, the underside of his balls is often probably the only thing in the shot.

This disembodied penis is the type of thing being alluded to in the discussions I was getting at above – all this dude is is a penis and some balls…

…but Manuel seems to be just fine with the whole thing.

(pictured: ladies …and Manuel)

* * *

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