Review Haiku – cheerleaders and animal control? two cute new series from Girlfriends Films!!

Oh lesbians, they’re everywhere. Young, old… north, south… actors, comedians, artists, baristas, musicians, nutritionists, trainers, scientists, and even college professors – there are lesbians in every corner of the wider social world!!

To which one might say: “No duh!! What kind of foolishness even requires such a statement?”

But I’ve noticed something interesting in porn – lesbians are often depicted as lovers, in the grips of some sort of sexual passion. Very rarely though are they doing anything else. But that’s true of most porn.

Now, this whole having sex thing may – just may – be *the* theme integral to porn…

(it is!!)

…but it’s interesting to consider the additional, secondary-to-sex qualities and characteristics presented by and/or highlighted in adult content.

Sometimes we get unusual things: fighter pilots and assassins, for instance. These types of occupations occur infrequently in society, which may augment their titillation factor. But what about the usual? Does finding a little naughty sexy in the absolutely ordinary help make it hott?

Girlfriends Films seems to think so.

Recently, they created two new series that depict lesbians in the most interesting of mundane everyday persuasions: cheerleaders and animal rights activists. Huh?

Consider Cheer Squad Sleepovers, Episode 1 (2012). The naughty fantasy about lesbian cheerleaders isn’t at all unusual, but make it “real” and you have some heat on your hands.

Couple that naughty realness with the notion that some very age-ambiguous cheerleaders are being pursued by every single older-woman-in-charge available (how are they supposed to concentrate on cheering?!!), and you have the epitome of everyday racy sexy.


Strays, Part 1 (2011) makes this point a little clearer. Women concerned with animal rights and safety – can you get more commonplace? Animal control officers – can you get more “mundane”? The answer to both questions is “no.”

Which is exactly why Strays and Cheer Squad Sleepovers are interesting new series.

Girlfriends Films, whose content is regularly tagged as being “simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video,” produces stand alone titles, vignette-ish serials, and a number of series narratives. Within the context of some of their productions, they’ve created a fictional community setting – the town of Thornhill. Many of these shows/series, including Cheer Squad Sleepovers and Strays, take place in Thornhill.

To wit: interested in surly softball hotties wrecking scheming havoc on pretty much everyone at the University of Thornhill? Real estate agents helping/hustling Thornhill’s upside-down women homeowners and residents? Thornhill’s lesbian police force? Well then the Field of Schemes, House Hunters, and To Protect and to Serve series (respectively) are for you. And if daytime-like drama centered around forbidden sexual desire is what gets you going, Imperfect Angels has what you’re looking for. And there are plenty more…

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Cheer Squad Sleepovers, Episode 1 (2012)

With performances Samantha Ryan, Syren Demar, Hayden Winters, Bree Daniels, Vanilla Deville, and Hayden Hawkens

Cheer Squad Sleepovers, Episode 1 released in March, 2012. Buy your copy here.


Strays, Part 1 (2011)

With performances by India Summer, Natasha Nice, Andy San Dimas, Celeste Star, Elexis Monroe, and Jessie Andrews

Strays, Part 1 released in June, 2011 and was directed by Melissa Monet for Girlfriends Films. Buy your copy here.

This film also includes the most wonderful BTS features ever – a series of animal health and wellness PSAs (spaying/neutering and adopting vs buying) featuring adult performers and personalities and five “tell me about your animal friend” monologue-style stories. We hear from Alia Janine and Kimberly Kane (and others!!), but Julia Ann is a real standout spokesperson here, appearing in both PSA and story-telling form. Plus, I think she has an animal rescue of some sort. (a couple women featured say they got their pet friends from Julia Ann’s rescue… more info please??!!)

Each of these PSAs were soooo sweet and cute and humanizing and altogether amazing. They were also very unusual bits of content – touches that will stay with me for a long time.


* * *

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