Review Haiku – B. Skow for Girlfriends Films’ Voilà (2012)

Voilà… [wah-lah]… as if by magic?


Renowned director B. Skow’s Voilà (2012) marks Girlfriends Films’ first foray into boy-girl content. The film is touted as “a modern tale of boy meets girl meets girl,” and I really wanted to like it. But I just didn’t.


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Here’s the synopsis:

Liz (Penny Pax) and her husband Tony (Kris Slater) are longtime lovers looking for a little excitement to heighten their passion. They find it in the form of beautiful Voila [Veruca James], with whom they have a climactic 3-way. But the real climax come when Liz leaves poor Tony for her. A year later Voila is back, not Liz, and she tells Tony that Liz intends to return, but that Tony must reject her because she is her only true love. Will Tony respect the wishes of the woman who stole his wide? Or is something else at play here? A slight at hand, a bit of dark magic that eludes even Voila? B. Skow presents his debut boy/girl effort for Girlfriends Films filled with his trademark brand of incredible sex, plus the sensuality and authenticity you expect from Girlfriends. The result? Voila! A joining story and sexuality you won’t soon forget.

Again: meh.

First of all, Voila was written without the “à” in the synopsis but is still pronounced “wah-lah” in the film… and I wanted to gag on what tasted like overcompensating pretension every time they said it.

Second of all, with the exception of “cousin” Dana DeArmond, this film was flaaaaat. The pacing was uneven, and the love triangle (?) was completely unbelievable.

All this (poor) film quality stuff really surprised me – B. Skow is a great director, Penny and Veruca are great up-and-comers, David Stanley is known to write some interesting stuff (though “A slight at hand, a bit of dark magic that eludes even Voila?” – really, wtf?!!), and we all know that Girlfriends Films is one of the greatest creative, social justice-centered, erotic art/film production entities ever… but I felt like I was watching The Lovely Bones (2009) when I suffered through Voilà – something that should’ve been great, or at least good and/or cute, but just wasn’t.

Last one: meh.

But regardless of Voilà specifically, I’m still looking forward to the next project from SKOW for Girlfriends Films. Maybe this was just a bump in the beginning of a new working relationship road, some collaborative growing pains if you will. I’m definitely willing to give this creative mash-up another go ’round – when’s their next title coming out??

Also: it’s interesting that Girlfriends Films, even as a distributor, is exploring boy-girl content. I wonder what prompted this decision..?


With Performances By…

Penny Pax, Veruca James, Kris Slater, Dana DeArmond, Dani Daniels, GiGi, Yurizan Beltran, and Earl Slate

Voilà (2012) was written by David Stanley and directed by B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. The film released in October, 2012 – buy your copy and/or watch it now here.



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