Review – Evil Angel’s TS I Love You (2014)

TS I Love You (2014) is another absolute winner from performer/director Dana Vespoli and Evil Angel.

Dana has been dating around… and she’s feeling kinda bleak and bored (her words) in the new year… because things are fun and satisfying… but it’s like she just needs something new… 1_DV_07

(pictured: e.g. Xander – hot, but just not quite “it” for 2014)

…enter Christian XXX, who lets Dana know that what she may need is a new sort of surprise – something different to scratch that itch.

Golly gee willikers!! (so says Dana) 1689582_01620_1920c To wit, in TS I Love You:

Beautiful TS girls are shown some love in this new title from Dana Vespoli! Feeling jaded and bored, Dana seeks advice from pal Christian XXX who introduces her to the world of beautiful TS women. Sex is new and exciting once again as Dana straps, fondles, and provides these gorgeous [TS women] with boy toys and mind blowing orgasms!

After the initial conversation lead-in between Dana and Christian (which includes a flashback to the Dana-Xander tryst pictured above), we get three sexy teasing scenes featuring TS women – Christian with Jessy Dubai, Dana with Venus Lux, and Dana with Foxxy and Chad Diamond. This final 3way-ish scene is especially awesome, as Dana showcases all sorts of variable desire with amazing grace.4_TF_01

(pictured: foxy Foxxy)

Each scene in TS I Love You (including the “boring” one with Xander) is excellent, but it’s the frame around the entire film that makes it exceptional.

Dana explores new connections with her typical halting and innocent, awkwardly brilliant honesty, and her directing is inspired. She melds tropes and themes generally found across the porn spectrum beautifully, creating a seamless tapestry that blurs many lines commonly thought to demarcate gender and sexualities.

Further, TS I Love You and Dana herself are complimented so significantly via the involvement of Christian, and I would be remiss if I did not mention him specifically. His work overall is also an endeavor to these “blurred” ends – he reframes gender and sexuality normativities with every project he’s involved in.

Loved it!! 1689582_03780_1920c

(pictured: Dana with Venus Lux)

TS I Love You

With performances from Dana Vespoli, Chad Diamond, Christian XXX, Foxxy, Jessy Dubai, Venus Lux, and Xander Corvus.

Directed by Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel. Released in March, 2014

Buy your copy of TS I Love You and/or watch it now here. 

Not too much in terms of extras here, but it’s no matter – this film is stand alone fantastic!!

For more of Dana’s boundary pushing work, try her amazing Girl/Boy here. 1689582h

 (pictured: TS I Love You too…)

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