Review – Evil Angel’s Kristina Rose: Unfiltered (2012)

I just watched the most amazing “star showcase” film – Kristina Rose: Unfiltered (2012).

A star showcase is a title dedicated to highlighting the skills and wares of particular performer. Generally, a film of this form consists of five (maybe six) scenes, each featuring the performer being showcased in a different sort of scenario.

One textbook example of a star showcase is Elegant Angel’s Remy LaCroix (2012). In it, Remy is featured in five scenes: a DP, an IR (which is the industry euphemism for “interracial”), a girl-girl scene, a three-way, and some time with Manuel Ferrara (getting “The Manuel” seems to be a unique experience in of itself). The types of sex scenes, and Remy herself, run a fairly broad gamut in this title – a showcase.

There are tons of star showcase titles out there, some well-done (like Remy LaCroix) and others crappy. Some of them play around with the format, but most of them stick pretty closely to the whole “featured-star-in-a handful-of-different-scenes-that-are-broad-in-scope” thing.

Not surprisingly, I’ve seen my fair share of showcase titles; but never in my life have I seen one quite like Kristina Rose: Unfiltered.


(pictured: Kristina Rose: Unfiltered)

Directed by Belladonna for Belladonna Entertainment and Evil Angel, Unfiltered basically captures a week in the life of one of the most fascinating (IMO) adult performers working today. Here’s the synopsis:

“Fuck you, Belladonna! I do what I want, when I want, where I want!”

Kinky performer/director Belladonna is renowned for her on-camera sexual prowess as well as the naturalistic style of revealing, unscripted reality porn she helped invent. In Kristina Rose: Unfiltered, Bella is able to merge both of these roles in an explosive portrait of her petite Latina pal, Kristina, whose sassy personality is as irrepressible as her libido. Part documentary, part behind-the-scenes interview and part wall-to-wall hard-core marathon, this epic double-disc release focuses on young Kristina both as a woman and as the insatiably horny fuck slut her fans know and love.

The director follows Kristina as she showers, cleans, primps and prepares for an upcoming sex scene. Every aspect of her pre-porn regimen is covered in detail, and in-depth discussions of adorable Kristina’s sexual history and desires are totally unfiltered. The all-natural beauty enjoys an intimate session with stud Michael Stefano, who plunders all of her various holes and shoots his load onto Kristina’s toes, which she licks clean. She takes on three raging cocks in a ferocious interracial anal gang bang and joins Belladonna for a smoke session and a sensuous lesbian lickfest. Kristina even shows us her art portfolio and paints a watercolor while on camera! This outspoken young lady is the real deal. “Kristina Rose: Unfiltered” is a rare look into a unique starlet’s true life: uncontrolled, untamed and unleashed.

Dang!! But this description does not do this film justice.


(pictured: follow Kristina on Twitter for endless fun mirror pics)

First of all, Kristina Rose… Kristina Rose is both interesting and remarkably insightful. Though I do not know her personally, I have followed her Twitter for some time now. She interacts with her fans in a way that is truly impressive, and she often offers up some pretty heavy duty, “call XXX out on their bullshit” one liners. Laid out flat, cut to the bone, she truly is unfiltered. (here’s one example that I incorporated into commentary about Measure B back in November, 2012)

Kristina Rose: Unfiltered begins with Belladonna bringing coffee to Kristina on the first day of the shoot. Bella is talking about why exactly she admires Kristina so and what she wants to get out of the project. Then the door opens and the conversation begins…

What we get is over five hours (two discs) of so much raw documentary-style interviewing and discussion… and three incredibly powerful (and personal!!) sex scenes. While sitting around Kristina’s bedroom and watercolor painting in her living room (among other things), the ladies discuss:

– Kristina’s insecurities and how she negotiates them within the context of the business.

– The nature of the sex she has on film. Particularly interesting is her distinction between rough sex with respectable partners (which she enjoys) and sex with “women haters” (which she will not do) and her anal sex prep process.

– Handling her business: from her physical and mental health to her finances, Kristina explains how she keeps herself organized, healthy, and goal-oriented.

– Fun (and roller skating and shopping and the problematic nature of eating at Chic-fil-A).

and so many other things…

Woven through these discussions are three really unique sex scenes that highlight Kristina’s performance skills and facilitate the whole “peeling back” process even further.

First, Michael Stefano comes over (Kristina’s anal prep comes in handy… because “you only get one butthole”), and they bang out a seriously intense scene in her bedroom. It’s cute and endearing to see her fluff the pillows on her bed and fret over her space in general before he gets there. She’s showing hospitable concern about having someone in her home.

Next, in the middle of some painting, the film segues to a scene featuring Kristina, Alex Gonz, Jon Jon, and Nat Turnher. This was obviously filmed at a different time during the process, but we get the same frank behind-the-scenes discussion from Kristina after it’s done.

Then we’re back to Bella and Kristina, who cap off their many-splendored adventures together with an amazing girl-girl scene. Interestingly (but not surprisingly), the sex here is far more intimate than what you often see in porn. Certainly this is an artifact of the ladies’ time together, but it also provides an example of a “different” sort of content.

And there you have it, Kristina Rose: Unfiltered. 

This film is by no means perfect. It’s pretty long, and some of the stuff is pretty goofy. We almost get a little too much documentary at some points; and Belladonna, in her adorable exuberance, is not the most perfect interviewer… but she is an amazing conversationalist, which is exactly what this film is: a deep and meaningful conversation.

I can’t think of another public person that would let a camera into their “bed island” space the way Kristina did. And I can’t think of another person who would have enough interesting stories and props and thoughts to keep things going for five hours. Kristina Rose: Unfiltered is a really exceptional piece of work – what star showcases have the potential to be.


(pictured: no idea)

Recommended for: Kristina Rose fans, talent who are new to the business and need some guidance (though nothing in this film is presented as “advice,” Kristina offers up A LOT of wisdom), and anyone who ever ventures to speak about adult performers. Kristina provides much nuance to the experience of working in porn from her perspective and shatters many problematic stereotypes and misconceptions in just a few hours of frank conversation.



With performances from Kristina Rose, Belladonna, Alex Gonz, Jon Jon, Michael Stefano, and Nat Turnher.

Directed by Belladonna for Belladonna Entertainment and Evil Angel. Released in April, 2012. Buy your copy here.


For a detailed explanation of Evil Angel’s distribution system (of which Belladonna Entertainment is a participant), go here.


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