Review – Elegant Angel’s Latin Booty (2011)

Review by Anderson R

Glam-gonz content pioneers Elegant Angel have, with Latin Booty (2011), made a film that delivers entirely what its title promises.

Featuring a scantily-clad Vicki Chase prominently on the DVD cover, the film, directed by and starring L.T., is a daring expose into the world of booty. Specifically the booties of Latina performers, including Chase, Alessandra Maia, Fernandinha Fernandes, Grazy Moreno, Kefren Ortega, and Regina Rizzi.

Okay, so Latin Booty might actually be less of a “daring expose” and more of a formulaic gonzo-style porn. Specifically, it is a film that, while making good on its promise of booty, never stops anywhere along the line to ask the question: can the average porn viewer stay aroused on booty alone (no matter how fine a booty it may be)? If shot more cleverly, the answer might be a resounding “Yes.” But, as the results play out, I’d have to assume the average viewer might want a little more creativity than displayed here.

First, some copy:

“Join L.T. on his new brazilian booty hunt! Latin Booty is 100% anal and 100% interracial. The assemblage of irresistible latin booty includes latin beauty Vicki Chase, alongside the irresistable curvaceous Brazilians Kefren Ortega, Regina Rizzi, Alessandra Maia, grazy Moreno, Fernandinha Fernandes. Do Not Miss.” (here)

One of the most telling features of film’s creative-lacking is the fact that the Scene Selection menu is divided first by performer, then with the additional subsections of “Intro. Oral. Fuck. Cum.” Now, to be fair, oral sex, fucking, and cumming are three key parts of most successful pornography, but here they end up playing out as the nearly the same scene repeated with different Latina performers in slightly varied, upscale fantasy locations. There’s isn’t any real characterization of the different girls that would give the viewer any call to separate the first from the last. Without a previous familiarization with the individual women, the film actually plays out much like the same scene repeated with essentially the same Latina actress.

The women in this film are fuck-objects, pure and simple. Visually this is best exemplified by the fact that during most of the shots depicting intercourse, the camera’s focus is largely on the women’s buttocks (of course, “booty” is in the title). But without any sort of booty de-differentiation to keep them individualized, the actresses are relegated to the purpose of living blow-up dolls.

This isn’t to say that their work in the film isn’t without merit (porn-shoots are hard work!), but rather that, although the scene can be pretty hot the first time, there is little substance which calls for its continued repetition over three total hours. The fantasy portrayed here is obviously aimed at heterosexual men with the male’s pleasure being the objective in every scene. Although there are instances of the male performing cunnilingus, the ratio of time spent with him giving and her receiving oral sex are vastly disparate, with fellatio making up the grand majority of the oral sex in the movie. In the end, any pleasure displayed on the women’s behalf seems incidental.  The “studliness” of the man is what is what’s really on display.

Recommended For: Now, certainly there are fans of this kind of booty-emphasis out there – everyone gets off to something, after all – but it isn’t my thing, and I wouldn’t recommend Latin Booty to readers who feel likewise. If you happen to be a fan of Chase, Fernandes, Ortega, Moreno, Rizzi, Maia, or L.T., however, you will probably find redeeming qualities within the film. The ladies are, after all, professionals; and, although I wasn’t a fan of the film overall, I will say that everyone’s performances (L.T.’s included) are notable for their physical endurance.

The weakness of the film doesn’t lie with the performers, but rather with the flaw that inherently threatens to present itself in all gonzo-style porn: while the movie is supposed to set the viewer directly into the action without any plot or characterization slowing them down, this style of drawn-out, emphasis-heavy pornography has the tendency to become exceptionally leaden in its pacing.

In my experience, when I’m looking to watch porn that doesn’t have plot or character and instead highlights only sexual acts, I’m not looking to embark on a three-hour tug-crusade; while this is unabashed, personal preference, I find it hard to believe the average pornography viewer will be watching Latin Booty the entire way through in a single viewing.

The best opportunities for extended-length porn lie in the sharing of the viewing material between couples, and it is unlikely that the average female porn-viewer will find much redeeming about the sex depicted here. There is, of course, the possibility that a hypothetical viewer will return to the film multiple times, but then there is the issue that if you’ve seen the first scene, you’ve seen them all.


Girls: Vicki Chase, Alessandra Maia, Fernandinha Fernandes, Grazy Moreno, Kefren Ortega, and Regina Rizzi

The Man: L.T.

Directed by L.T. for Elegant Angel. Latin Booty released in August, 2011. Buy your copy here.

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Behind the Scenes: There’s a bonus scene of Vicki Chase going at it solo. There’s a “cumshaw recap,” which is a replay of what else – the cumshots. There’s a photo gallery.

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