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Today is the first day of school. Not all schools, but many schools. And I hate to confess it but, in the midst of all this Back-to-School hullabaloo, I find myself thinking about all those stereotypical social constructions of parents (moms) exhaling big sighs as their screaming kids head off for X hours of state-funded babysitting…

Apparently, this is a relief (it’s also a classist, sexist, and heterosexist image that’s been re/cycled every August – September since the dawn of time) because, apparently, moms starve for a little “me time” during those brutal summer months.

Well, fear not!! Pesky kids (or jobs that require going to an office or trips to the DMV or long rides in the car with your mother-in-law or…) be damned, one dimension of “me time” may now be very well satisfied with Ear Erotica.

Accordingly, Ear Erotica – the Voice of Arousal – specializes in erotic audio tracks that are designed to encourage sexual liberation by stimulating your mind and body in the ways passionate and skilled lovers ravishing their women do. Or so their website says.

Hmmm… Further:

Women around the world are subject to shame, guilt, and a suppressed sex life because of the stigmas placed upon freely expressing one’s sexuality. Incredible fantasies and scenes of passion, love, and ultimate self-expression are rampant throughout the darkness of a woman’s mind, never given the chance to see the light of day…

Ear Erotica has set out to provide you with thrilling experiences of lust, passion, and taboo – on-demand from the comfort, privacy, and safe haven of your headphones. Whether you’re feeling lonely through a dry spell of singledom, frustrated with current poor lovers in your life, or already living a romantic and sexy life with an insatiable appetite to be naughty – Ear Erotica has the answer to your desires in a way you’ve never experienced before.


So basically, you can buy an MP3 of an Ear Erotica track and some man will talk dirrrrty to you – interesting!!

Currently, there are seven audible arousal tracks to choose from: Romantic & Sensual Dessert, Wake Up Wet, His Aggressive Lust, Office Rendezvous Quickie, Anal at Lunch (!!!), and First Hotel Yearning.

Each track costs a mere $6.99 (except for the Quickie, which is $4.99… presumably it’s briefer), and each track has a few preview-before-you-buy sample. (all tracks in the Ear Erotica store here… more details here)



Ear Erotica is an interesting idea for many reasons.

First (and not to be a buzz kill), the product is simple, mobile, private, affordable, and convenient – who knows what you’re listening to?

Second, it hits on many cultural trends and marketing strategies around today. The emphasis on rewarding yourself with pampering, luxury, and individual attention is both very alluring and very commonplace in (higher-end) marketing. To get all sociological, this is both classed and creates an illusion of class. Ear Erotica also modern – tech-savvy with a simple clean interface.

Third, in a very Fifty Shades of Grey-type way, Ear Erotica might make sexual media a little more accessible and/or palatable to a (visual) porn-tender consumer. Although you all know that I’m not exactly on the FSOG bandwagon, getting people to open up sexually in ways they feel comfortable with is a good thing.

And fourth (but definitely not finally), the Ear Erotica site is packed, literally *packed* with information – how to and their story and more!! I liked this bit:

The top four differences between Audible Arousals, audio erotica, erotica, and romance novels (hehe classic!!) are:

– Audio erotica, erotica, and romance novels are all stories of characters, where Audible Arousals feature you as the focus in 1st person.

– Audio erotica and erotica have the same content, one is simply the spoken version of the erotic novel in an audio format.

– While romance novels focus on character development, story lines, and plot and generally feature skimpy sex scenes with tame language, Ear Erotica is all sex. (all sex featuring very explicit, graphic language!)

– Audible Arousals are different than all the rest in that the content is about you and turning you on directly as a remarkable lover in bed or over the phone would.


Now, I don’t know if I actually really buy all these assertions… and I’m not sure that a dirty talk recording is exactly the same as a real person (incidentally, not being the same could easily include being better)… and at some moments there seemed to be a little too much text and stereotypical “hey girl” banter on the Ear Erotica sight for my tastes… but Audible Arousals are not just about me.

Ear Erotica is sexing up a safe familiar product (an MP3) in a very clever way that might actually work within the structures of many women’s busy daily lives. It’s definitely worth a look (and at least a sample play!!).

Check out Ear Erotic/Audible Arousals here.

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