Review – Digital Sin’s Innocence of Youth 3 (2012) and Power & Control (2012)

I’m gonna come right out and admit it: I don’t usually break a leg on the way to the DVD player when content from Digital Sin comes in the mail.

And this is for good reason. What I usually get consists of fairly predicatable gonzo glossed by a bendy cover model a la Sexual Gymnastics (2012) or candy-coated box art featuring the most affected of all “guileless” performers. So maybe it’s just my own freakout over sugar near vaginas, but I wasn’t holding my breath for anything impressive when I received a few titles from Digital Sin recently…

…but it’s never too late to be pleasantly surprised, and I was pleasantly surprised by Innocence of Youth 3 (2012) and Power & Control (2012).

Both films are structured in a manner typical of Digital Sin: four new scenes and two “bonuses” – previously released content that’s coincident with the current title’s genre and theme(s). And both films really step it up, quality wise… at least relative to the Digital Sin content I’ve seen/reviewed before.


Power & Control (2012) is a stand alone, “rough sex” title that promises: “When you’ve got power & control, nothing is going to stop you from fucking what’s rightfully yours.” Yikes!!

(pictured: buy your copy and/or watch Power & Control now here)

But power and control have many dimensions and can go multiple ways.

Lily LaBeau’s scene with Ramon Nomar and Maddy O’Reilly’s work with Danny Mountain are both fairly standard dom/sub role play, with Lily and Ramon intertwining “power roles” nicely. Xander Corvus’ scene with Lizzy London rides the line between fantasy and rapey/creepy, but it’s finished with a thoughtful fantasy segue that makes the tone manageable.

Plus all of the performers are interviewed in the BTS, so you get a good idea about their thoughts and feelings before, during, and after their respective scenes – nice!!

(picture: HVAC creeper Xander in the library – meep!!)

Jessie Andrews’ scene with James Deen, however, is very different from the other trysts in the Power & Control collection. The dynamic between the performers is intense as Jessie gets railed 18 ways to Sunday in an eye-popping “bathroom at a party” scenario.

This scene doesn’t have the rough-but-still-role-play vibe that the others do. In fact, this bit of Power & Control has a dom/sub authenticity that you don’t usually see in a “mainstream” project featuring “mainstream” performers (each of these performers’ rather extensive work in BDSM/kink productions should not be forgotten, though).

If you’re interested, you really have to see it for yourself. And I would recommend watching the BTS interviews with Jessie and James, too – good context that helps situate what you just saw. At least it did for me.

(pictured: you just gotta see for yourself…)


Innocence of Youth 3 (2012) is the most recent installment in Digital Sin’s Innocence of Youth series, and Part 3 opens up with a commercial for an NS Novelties line/product so charming that I had to repost it…


Cute, right?

It almost made me forget about this…

(pictured: Mae Olsen is looking pretty Passport to Paris (1999) here)

…which, incidentally, almost made me NOT watch this film.

But I respect everyone’s right to fantasy, everyone working in these titles is an autonomous of-age individual, and I have long since owned my own dislike of “young girl”-themed content.

And that’s what Innocence of Youth 3 is: highly stylized, themed, genre-specific fantasy content of which I am not the target consumer. With these dimensions in mind, this collection is very well done.

Each of the four women performers are dressed up in what can only be described as elaborate doll costumes – really awesome displays of a type of cosplay. Each doll (one is a doll/maid) is then banged with her dress on by some dude while some music box-sounding tunes play throughout.

The scenes range from “ordinary” sex featuring a costume (ie Hope and the relatively close to her age Xander Corvus) to downright creepy (ie cover girl Mae Olsen and Eric Swiss).

(pictured: Mae and Eric – buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

I’d be lying to you if I said I was into either of these titles, but here’s the thing with both Innocence of Youth 3 (2012) and Power & Control (2012): neither one of these themed bits of gonzo-form content is my thing. And that’s ok… because both of these things are *The Thing* for many people. And in that respect, I’m very happy to see these new, really well-done titles from Digital Sin.


Power & Control (2012)

With performances by Jessie Andrews, Lily Labeau, Lizzy London, Maddy O’Reilly, Danny Mountain, James Deen, Ramon Nomar, and Xander Corvus.

Directed by Jacky St. James for Digital Sin. Released in March, 2012.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here.


Innocence of Youth 3 (2012)

With performances by Hope, Jonni Hennessy, Mae Olsen, Tracey Sweet, Bruce Venture, Eric Swiss, Mick Blue, and Xander Corvus.

Directed by Eddie Powell for Digital Sin. Released in August, 2012.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here.

(pictured: bad dolly Tracey Sweet)

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