Review – Digital Playground’s Bridesmaids (2013)

Though it’s not one of their most critical films, Digital Playground has (finally) answered my numerous pleas…

Welcome to the world, Bridesmaids (2013) – it’s funny, it’s cute, and it looks they actually put some effort into more than just the film’s aesthetics. For the first time in a long time, a title from DP is actually good!!


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Here’s the synopsis:

All is fair in love and weddings!

Best girlfriends come together to share a special moment; a wedding day! But before the bride [Alyssa Branch] can walk down the aisle, competing maids of honor Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross square off in a set of time honored traditions. A feisty fitting that features a horny back room fling , a wild bachelorette party where the male strippers aren’t safe from the overheated honeys and a bridal shower that ends with the girls in jail! Award winning director Robby D. showcases Digital Playground contract superstars Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, and Stoya as the beautiful bridesmaids. With 7 steamy sex scenes that include naughty girls Brooklyn Lee, Vicki Chase and Alyssa Branch as the bride. Bridesmaids will excite you with fun, passion, and desire! (sic)

(who the hell writes DP’s box copy?? I ask because it’s clear that no one copyedits it…)

So Jesse and Kayden are trying to prove who’s Alyssa’s best BFF… To wit, there are some cute “competitive” sequences, a fun series of parties and events, and all sorts of mishaps that eventually lead up to a wedding – yay!!

Here’s the trailer:


Bridesmaids‘ script is far from seamless. Alyssa and her guy go from distant to engaged to married in a trip that feels kinda like driving a clutch for the first time – jerky. The temporal flow is inconsistent, which causes the viewer to occasionally wonder what the hell just happened… Each respective event (scene) within the timeline, however, is just fine.

Regardless though of the time-lapse issues, Bridesmaids was pretty original. It certainly included some romantic comedy/wedding film tropes and tones, but it wasn’t a remake or a parody or some other such bullshit. It was nice to see something (relatively) different and new!!


(pictured: …ladies)

I also loved that DP changed things up with the performers this time around. Alyssa Branch played the bride, a type of role that one would ordinarily expect to be filled by Riley Steele. And though I love Riley, I love the new energy Alyssa brought to the project even more.

But DP didn’t stop there!! We also had Brooklyn Lee (playing an interesting version of distracted) and Vicki Chase (whose presence and scene were kinda tacked on, which was unfortunate because she’s amazing), who are DP regulars but not tedious DP staples. And there were also some new guys!! Case in point – for as much as I love Manuel Ferrara, it was nice to NOT see him in Bridesmaids. We got Johnny Sins instead, which was total yum.


(pictured: yum!!)

Other things…

– regarding Bridesmaids‘ party gift – a nifty little mini Vibe-to-Go – I didn’t get the movie tie-in at all (was there one?) …but it did come with batteries, which was helpful.

– regarding the box art: there was no one sheet on the DVD box itself… so when you have to tear the larger outer box in order to get to the Vibe-to-Go, you end up losing all the Bridesmaids art, which was a bummer.

– James Deen is wearing an “I <3 Stoya” T-shirt… cuuuute!!


So yeah… Bridesmaids was fun. I liked it!!


(pictured: Alyssa is very charming… and so is Brooklyn)



With performances from Alyssa Branch, Brooklyn Lee, Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Vicki Chase, Bill Bailey, Danny Mountain, Derrick Pierce, Erik Everhard, Giovanni Francisco, James Deen, Johnny Sins, and a bunch of non-sex extras

Directed by Robby D for Digital Playground. Released in June, 2013.

Buy your copy of Bridesmaids and/or watch it now here.


BTS and Extras: standard fare, including almost 30 minutes of BTS. Some of the BTS is interesting, and some of it’s a tiny bit strained (Stoya) or out of sequence. It’s good for what it is though – more entertaining than hard-hitting or meaningful.

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(pictured: orange & white are an interesting choice for wedding colors)

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