Review – Evil Angel’s Girl/Boy & POV Boy-Toy

That Dana Vespoli – she’s just so fascinating!!

I recently got to spend an hour in her presence during AEE’s “Feminist Porn Mystique” panel. And though there was not an opportunity for lengthy one-on-one conversation, I found her contributions to the wider group discussion insightful and incredibly sincere.

I’ve long been an admirer of Dana and the deep thoughtfulness and confidence that radiate from her projects, all within the context of some pretty hard hardcore (see for example Fluid here). To these ends, let’s consider two excellent titles she directed in conjunction with Evil Angel, Girl/Boy and POV Boy-Toy: Strap Adventures (both produced in 2013)


POV Boy-Toy: Strap Adventures

Wow. Hot. Done.

We see very little of Dana in this film – her probing little piggies (painted a commanding black-burgundy) are really it, with an occasional flash of nipple or negligee. It’s perfect POV.

Each tryst is remarkably similar in the sense that Dana straps some boy (Christian XXX, Robert Axel, Slut Bottom Chris, and Wolf Hudson)… except that each scene is actually rather unique in its set-up and tone. Wolf is being stalked* by an “obviously crazy” Dana, while Christian and Dana are a bit more loving. Chris and Axel are both dommed by Dana, but in very different ways, with very different reactions.

*the lead-in to this scene dances with stalking in a way that may be triggering to some.

Some may see this as a gender role reversal film, a characterization that’s quite fraught in of itself, but that’s not what I got out of it at all. Each man performer in this film engages a very different version of masculinity, and Dana doesn’t “act the man” here so much as she engages a sex depiction within the context of each individual’s variable masculinity and sexuality.

If you find any of these performers compelling, you will certainly love Dana’s efforts to draw out their sexiness. This title stands out in terms of conventional pegging and within the context of each performer’s general schtick. Though you may think POV Boy-Toy is all about Dana, in my view, it’s actually about each man blossoming on her platform.

Loved it!!


(pictured: get your copy of POV Boy-Toy and/or watch it now here)



If someone were to ask me what I thought *the* movie of the year was during 2013, Girl/Boy would make my shortlist… Though it wasn’t some sort of big budget epic, Girl/Boy shows us that content can be both hardcore and progressive. And these progressive progressions can be as subtle, or as overt, as one might care to regard them.

Here’s some synopsis-type text about the film:

In Girl/Boy, creative director/gorgeous performer Dana Vespoli lewdly explores the diverse permutations of straight sex with the kinky twists that are par for this artistic pornographers course. Four sensuous vignettes showcase strong, intimate hard-core fucking with intriguing variations on gender relations.

Though I am not exactly pleased with many of the adjectives used above (lewd?), “strong, intimate hard-core fucking with intriguing variations on gender relations” is basically what happens. And, as the back of the box let’s us know, “blurring gender boundaries is fucking fun.”


(pictured: buy your copy of Girl/Boy and or watch it now here)

The obvious highlight of this collection is the scene between Jiz Lee, a deep-thinking and sweet individual who lives their activism and art, and Manuel Ferrara, the quintessential Man Performer of Every Year whose scenes are more like milestones that pairings. Aside from the obvious chemistry and gender blending dimensions, this scene also hit on safer sex politics and interesting notes about changing bodies – I found myself contemplating Manuel’s knee replacement scar at more than one point during.

Also definitely not to be forgotten was Dana’s scene with Valentina Nappi and Ramon Nomar, wherein Valentina and Ramon play to the gender-conventional, while Dana bends her identity expression. It’s a hot/hard and juicy, as well as deeply compelling, scene.

In sum, Girl/Boy is a fascinating collection and an interesting testament to a body of work (Dana’s) that is unparalleled in contemporary production – loved it too!!


POV Boy-Toy: Strap Adventures 

With performances from Dana Vespoli, who is paired with each of the following folks: Christian XXX, Robert Christian (as Robert Axel), Slut Bottom Chris, and Wolf Hudson.

Directed by Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel. Released in November, 2013.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here. 

DVD Extras: interviews with Wolf, Chris, and Robert, each of which are interesting, but Chris’ reflections regarding his youth and sexuality identities (both personally and in general) are truly compelling.


 (pictured: Dana, from POV Boy-Toy)



With performances from Dana Vespoli, Jiz Lee, Valentina Nappi, Veruca James, Danny Wylde, Johnny Castle, Manuel Ferrara, and Ramon Nomar.

Directed by Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel. Released in October, 2013.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here. 



(pictured: Jiz and Manuel, hot as hell)


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