Review – Burning Angel Entertainment’s Ass-Fucked (2011)

I thought about gentling down the title of this film with symbols – like writing A$$-F*cked, or something – but I eventually decided, no. This collection of scenes and Ms. Joanna Angel herself deserve to be stated as boldly as they bring it – Ass-Fucked.



Ass-Fucked (2011) is a collection of five scenes from Burning Angel Entertainment, each starring Joanna Angel. In each scene, there is some ass fucking. Accordingly…

Scene #1: it’s Christmas, and two Jewish kids are headed to a party!! James Deen cajoles a begrudging Joanna into attending a Christmas party. She, wearing the most splendid of festive *red & green thigh-high stockings plus amazing* outfits, is no less miffed when they finally arrive at the party – “it’s like Christmas threw up in here!” But Ms. Angel changes her tune when she sees her presents (which are the actual purpose of her presence) – Mick Blue and Mr. Pete, wearing scarves and hats and nothing else. Mick, Mr. Pete, and James then proceed to fuck Joanna silly.

Scene #2: two dudes are playing video games, and moderately annoying girlfriend Joanna wants a sandwich. Somehow she convinces her moderately annoying boyfriend (one of the two aforementioned dudes) to put down his video game controller and get her one. Leaving her alone with the remaining dude, her bf’s bff Mick Blue. Then they fuck.

Scene #3: keeping with the whole holiday theme thing, it’s now Valentine’s day; and James Deen gets the lovely Joanna the nicest box of chocolates CVS has to offer. When he realizes she’s not happy with his half-assed efforts, he calls up Mason Moore. Mason comes over to give Joanna her real, albeit last minute, gift – a “filthy fucking Valentine’s Day.” (the lead in to this scene is hilarious)

Scene #4: Joanna is doing some solo stuff on a couch when, all of a sudden, two cocks pushed through zippers come walking in. Then they have sex. In the end, those cocks both pop in Joanna’s cupped hands and… well, you’ll have to watch for yourself.


Now before I get to the final scene, I have to say: Ass-Fucked was a already fine little film four scenes in. It has the cute, funny, and hilariously ridiculous lead-ins you can only see in a Burning Angel film. Joanna is compelling on multiple levels, and she manages to be shy and sweet and excited and overwhelmed and in control and downright dirty all at once… and all without seeming contrived. It’s impressive!! (and so was the incorporation of Dillinger Escape Plan!! see “Gold Teeth on a Bum,” which is featured throughout Ass-Fucked)

So I was already liking this movie when it came up on Scene #5…

Scene #5: Joanna is in a cage (a cage!!), and she has on a “crazy girl” outfit and make-up. She’s having all sorts of rough times with herself and is desperate to reach this lone dildo that’s placed conveniently out of reach. It’s a good tease, and you actually feel her tension. Luckily, when it almost gets to be too much, Manuel Ferrara arrives to help our caged Joanna out…

And then, just like that, Ass-Fucked jumps to a whole different level. It was good before Scene #5 and I refuse to ruin it for you by revealing what happens next (what could make it so impressive??), but just imagine Manuel at his best – able to fine-tune his intensity and find a specific woman’s particular edge… or at least that’s what it looked like to me.

…and imagine Joanna pushed to her limits while still being able to keep up. It was amazing, a little difficult to watch at points (in the spots where it just wasn’t my thing, but not because it was bad), and definitely one of those scenes that should be cited when people claim women in adult do not enjoy their work. Sometimes, just sometimes, some of them clearly obviously totally do.

Recommended for: Joanna Angel fans, anal aficionados, and those who wanna see how it can be done.



With performances from Joanna Angel and Mason Moore. Also featuring Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, John Strong, James, Deen, Mick Blue, and Mr. Pete.

Directed by Joanna Angel for Burning Angel Entertainment. Released in September, 2011. Get Ass-Fucked (buy it and/or watch it now) right here (teehee!!)

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