Review – B. Skow for Girlfriends Films’ What Do You Want Me To Say? (2013)

When I first saw this box cover…


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…and when I first read this synopsis:

Bill loves Amy and Amy loves Bill, but Bill can’t stop cheating on Amy. She makes him promise never to do it again, but even he admits that this might be impossible. Still, a couple of months go by and he holds true to his promise. Things are looking up.

Then Bill meets Cerina, a beautiful, albeit awkward, young model who comes on to him during a photo shoot. He rebuffs her at first, but finds himself unable to say no to her.

…I was 100% expecting to hate B. Skow for Girlfriends Films’ What Do You Want Me To Say? (2013). The fact that the title is too long and kinda awkward just made it worse.

But I should always remember that you can’t judge a film by its box cover because What Do You Want Me To Say? is not what you’d expect. At least, it’s not what I was expecting.

What I thought I was going to see was another tried-and-trite story of a plain girl vs a sultry seductive girl – another rendition of the virgin/whore dichotomy.



(pictured: two ladies, one series of wider cultural tropes and stereotypes)



But what I actually saw was a *perfect* couple dealing with 1) a relationship foundation situated in bad karma and 2) many of the same, all be they stereotypical, gender-situated relationship issues that we all might possibly experience.

Ultimately, What Do You Want Me To Say? provides a compelling argument for employing unconventional strategies when tackling “conventional” problems. There’s a real “think your way out of the normative trap” message here, which I appreciated.

And I loved the trick!! (I totally fell for the trick, guys – good, sneaky job) More specifically, I love the lesson embedded in the trick. It’s definitely worth learning; but if you want it, you’re gonna have to watch the film for yourself.

PS more on why you can’t judge a film by its box cover –> here


(pictured: two ladies, one series of wider cultural tropes and stereotypes)


What Do You Want Me To Say?

With performances from Brooklyn Lee, Claire Robbins, Allie Haze, Prinzzess, Kurt Lockwood, and Michael Vegas.

Written by David Stanley and directed by B. Skow. Released in July, 2013.

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DVD Extras: three bonus scenes from other B. Skow for Girlfriends Films titles- dang!!


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