Review – B. Skow for Girlfriends Films’ Truth Be Told (2013)

Oh my goodness, how did I let this film sit on my desk since March?!!

As some of you may know, Girlfriends Films has been exploring boy-girl content lately via a partnership with renowned director B. Skow. Consequently, I’ve been exploring my reactions to their collaborations via reviewing their efforts: Voilà – mega meh (review here) and Paint – closer, closer, so much closer to what could be greatness… (review here).

And now we have Truth Be Told (2013), a dark and taboo exploration that simply knocked my socks off!!


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I don’t want to reveal too much, so here’s the synopsis:

Hello 911… bad man down!

Luke [Steven St. Croix], a sadistic, self-hating movie star who likes to push his lovers to the edge of breakdown, meets his match during a sex-fueled weekend bender, when he tangles with Cindy a beautiful 22 year old who attempts to blackmail him with personal information spilled under the influence. Luke foes along with her gambit, seeing it as a way to fuck with her head, only to discover that Cindy really does know his darkest secret; In drunken rage he nearly killed his teenage girlfriend 18 years ago. The revelation becomes even more shocking when Cindy delivers a mind blowing twist that send Luke reeling. Is she just playing him, or is this karmic payback for all of Luke’s prior sins?

Justice for this film is not done – not even close – via this summary… (though one should pay close attention to the ages and timelines that are spelled out very clearly therein)

The story is weird, packed with deplorable characters and startling twists that make you say “what the what?!!” Writer David Stanley is ordinarily a little too off the deep end for me, but not this time.

And the style of the film itself is creeeeepy – dark psychological film noir Hitchcock-ish perfection!! Check out this trailer:



The sex in Truth Be Told is absolutely knock out. Jessie Rogers’ scene with Steven St. Croix and Kurt Lockwood made me wish she hadn’t gone to the darkside, and the portion of Marie McCray’s scene with Steven St. Croix where they’re in the bed (their dalliance is over 40 minutes long, so they get around) was both unusual for porn and unsettling in its hotness. When you watch it,  you’ll know what I mean.

But in spite of in addition to all the steamy sex present in Truth Be Told, it’s actually the acting performances from Steven and Marie that make this film exceptional.

Steven is perfection as Luke, so dirty and convincing it makes you uncomfortable. And Marie as Cindy – holy goodness, it’s something you absolutely must see for yourself!! Their entire sequence together, including the sex and the tension built via their conversation, is mind blowing in multiple ways – a truly unique and special display. Hot and (literally) bothered doesn’t even begin to cover it.


(pictured: red on red)


Seriously though, all gush aside, there are some bumps in this film. Namely, there’re some temporal continuity issues – a little too quick here, needing a bit of polish there – but these are minor relative to the great synergy that happens in Truth Be Told.

The film was perfectly cast, and the multi-faceted heat radiating from the performers is palpable. Further, on a grander scale, this project blended B. Skow’s directorial prowess perfectly with Girlfriends Films’ tendencies toward pulpy, taboo explorations.

Third time’s the charm – Truth Be Told was everything I knew their collaboration could be.


Recommended for: fans of mystery and film noir and those who want a little psychological thrill with their erotica… and redheads.


Truth Be Told (2013)

With performances from Marie McCray, Diana Prince, Jayden Jaymes, Jessie Rogers, Zoey Holloway, Kurt Lockwood, Steven St. Croix, and Tommy Pistol.

Written by David Stanley and directed by B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Released in March, 2013.

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