Review – B. Skow for Girlfriends Films’ Daddy’s Girls (2013)

Everything about B. Skow and Girlfriends Films’ Daddy’s Girls (2013) is disturbing, unnecessary, and uncomfortable. Well, at least it was to me.

Let’s consider the synopsis, bit by bit:

Bob (Alec Knight) and Dale (Evan Stone) are best friends. They’re both married. Bob to Gina (Odile) and Dale to Iris (Darla Crane). They both have teenage daughters.

Daddy’s Girls (I feel like the title is written incorrectly – perhaps Daddies’ Girls?) is classic Skow-Girlfriends collaborative pulp, as well as classically David Stanley creepy. That creepiness comes to you via layers and layers of taboo material.

Seriously – there literally is so much weird stuff going on in this film that one strange thing ends up distracting you from the next (or the former).


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Let’s continue:

Dale’s teenage daughter, Samantha, is blind and just back in town from a three month stint at a mental hospital, having tried to commit suicide after Bob took her virginity and unceremoniously dumped her.

Ummm… what?!!

Though this tale is told in retrospect, the memory-rendition is still almost too much. Apparently, Bob assaulted his BFF’s daughter in her sleep. He was subsequently dismissive and cruel, pushing her over the edge.


And then, when you see Bob creeping in Samantha’s bedroom, panties in his face, without her consent… well, it’s almost too much!!

But then the sex part starts, and the tenor changes. Several reviewers have described the subsequent sex scene between Samantha and Bob as rapey. And though the scene was undeniably strange, I honestly didn’t get that vibe. To me, Bob seemed like a pathetic weirdo still obsessed with a woman who was no longer intimidated. Regardless of him having already done the unforgivable, Samantha is a survivor (rather than a victim).

This may be due to the three months she’d spent in recovery.

Maddy O’Reilly was both compelling as Samantha and decently convincing as a sight-impaired woman. And Alec Knight played the almost schizophrenically torn Bob to gross perfection… because even though he is horrific relative to Samantha, he still has a series of distressing circumstances to deal with re his own daughter.

Oh yes – then we have Quincey…

Meanwhile, Bob’s daughter, Quincy has problems of her own, hosting a webcam sex site where she performs nasty acts for older men so that she can vent her sexual frustration over the fact that her own father, Bob refuses to fuck her, much to her horny chagrin.


(pictured: Quincy with her dad)

For whatever weird ass reason, Quincy is all about banging her (disinterested) dad. Consequently, every intonation and implication of “Daddy” is (over) employed and (over) played throughout this film.

Riley Reid is disturbing – – as Quincy, and her and her father’s core fucked-up-ness are really what propel the entire plot…

…because she also assaults Samantha!! And she does some pretty loud and graphic web-camming while her parents are home. And she bangs Dale as revenge (to make her dad jealous?). And she simpers to a level of uncomfortable that I’ve never before encountered.

And I don’t think I ever want to encounter it again.


(pictured: Quincy with her mom)

Honestly, I don’t know about Daddy’s Girls. I was interested to watch it because of everything I had heard. And it was well done, production wise… But it just wasn’t… necessary.


B. Skow has done much better stuff with Girlfriends Films – try Paint (2013) or Truth Be Told (2013, amazing!!) instead.


Daddy’s Girls

With performances from Riley Reid, Maddy O’Reilly, Capri Cavalli (as Capri Cavanni), Odile, Darian Caine, Evan Stone, and Alec Knight.

Written by David Stanley and directed by B. Skow. Released in September, 2013.

Buy your copy of Daddy’s Girls and/or watch it now here

DVD Extras: two bonus sex scenes from other B. Skow for Girlfriends Films releases AND approximately 30 minutes of interesting BTS footage. B. Skow discusses his filmmaking processing leading up to Daddy’s Girls and multiple members of the cast weigh in on the implications of creating a fantasy rendition of a series of extremely taboo topics.


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2 thoughts on “Review – B. Skow for Girlfriends Films’ Daddy’s Girls (2013)

  1. Doc and I discussed this awhile back when I reviewed the movie for Xcritic, my going to a few of my reviewing friends including Roger, Doc, and a couple others I thought might have some ideas. I also spoke with the director on the phone about it for the better part of an hour trying to make sense of certain aspects of the movie, like the schizophrenic way the writing is handled (apparently, the movie started out as two separate movies and they combined major themes).

    I admit that I was a little irked at the initial advertising bits sent out suggesting there was a big controversy over the dramatic elements of the movie, finding out upon my investigation that the “controversy” was merely a handful of fanboys whining that the company misspelled Riley’s name on the cover. This is porn and such typos have been part of the industry since its inception, still an everyday occurrence even when you read covers, look at credits, and the like. If that’s someone’s biggest issue with the movie, they need to go to a shrink and fast.

    The implied statutory rape thing is something few would come out in public supporting, the same holds true for blackmailing a blind girl, other ideas coming through definitely disturbing when you consider that the two creative forces behind the movie (Skow and Stanley) have young daughters. I advocate that porn is a majority of one, meaning we all have different things that trip our triggers, but this was way off the radar for me too. To call it “edgy” is to overlook so many aspects of the movie because it came across as if they threw in everything but the kitchen sink just to stir up controversy. And yes, now that the whole name issue is but a vague memory, my own review months ago, joined by Roger’s and now Doc’s, have helped validate the press release after the fact but when the people originally quoted as saying how grand a movie it was had not even seen it (only going from the trailer to speak highly of the flick), I just wanted to erase my review and sever ties from those involved.

    The fact is, had this come from any other company but socially progressive, women-friendly Girlfriends Films, people would be calling for heads to roll and bans. Even the tacked on ending felt lame, those defending it as “just a movie” missing the point entirely. Skow and Stanley have made some appealing, interesting, even “good” movies together, this just isn’t one of them on multiple levels.

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