Review – Adam & Eve’s Trashy (2013)

You remember all *those* videos?

You know, those videos from the late ’80s/early 90s, the rockstar, rain, steam, strip club, smeared makeup, hot chic videos that always left you wondering what happened next…

Well, Adam & Eve and Rockstar Entertainment’s Trashy (2013) shows you, and it shows you so good.


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To wit:

When it rains, it pours, and in acclaimed director David Lord’s Trashy, the downpour of naughty has just begun…


The first title in a sexual trilogy from Rock Star Entertainment and Adam & Eve Pictures, Trashy showcases the darker side of adult with the hottest tattooed and pierced stars performing in five pulsating scenes of raw sexuality. Starring glam rock goddess Christy Mack, Brandy Aniston, Angelina Valentine, Juelz Ventura, Candy Manson, and Angela Sommers, this is truly the beginning of three unique looks at adult that will leave you anxiously awaiting the next. Shot entirely in true high definition, Trashy features high-end visuals, rock & roll and all the stuff your parents warned you about. This is the start of something legendary…


Trashy… Here cums the rain!

“Here cums the rain!” – exactly…

Director David Lord really outdoes himself here, with five scenes that are all so very trashy.

Juelz Ventura gets some juicy anal in the coolest retro rockstar car, showcased with excellent camera angles, and Angelina Valentine’s lead in in a raunchy club restroom is so hot you kinda forget about how gross the idea is (maybe it’s just me…)


(pictured: nice ride)

Christy Mack is glorious in some sort of “November Rain” sex-homage, and Candy Manson shows us that it’s not just dudes who like trashy women via a *hot* scene with Angela Sommers.

The entire thing is topped off with Brandy Aniston as a stripper… and since we all know that there’s no sex in the champagne room, her tryst with Seth Gamble really fulfills a fantasy.


(pictured: Brandy, Brandy, Brandy…)

I really enjoyed this film. It’s a siren song to a woman we rarely see lauded in a respectful, sincere manner: the video vixen, the moaner, the groupie, and that hard-nosed lady with the heart of gold who’s seen it all… and is no longer impressed.

She’s not for everyone; but if she’s your type, you will love Trashy.



With performances from Angela Sommers, Angelina Valentine, Brandy Aniston, Candy Manson, Christy Mack, Juelz Ventura, Barry Scott, Seth Gamble, TJ Cummings, and Tommy Gunn.

Directed by superstar director David Lord for Adam & Eve and Rockstar Entertainment. Released in January, 2013.

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(pictured: smokin’ in the boys’ room…)

BTS & Extras: there’s a lot of extras here!!

A pretty damn decent look at the making of Trashy wherein David Lord explains a lot about his vision for the film. We see a lot of BTS footage that really showcases the women who embody it. There’s also a funny little “Pornstar Bag” segment – what’s in her bag?!! – with Julez Ventura and Brandy Aniston and interesting interviews with each woman performer.

In sum, Trashy basically fills this in – enjoy!!


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