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Growing up, my family’s closest neighbors were a Hungarian-Mexican family, the Vargas.* There was Mr. J Varga, his wife, their daughter, and their son – Little J, or Chacho Pequeño as he was occasionally called.

I have many fond childhood memories of myself, ELCT4, and Chacho Pequeño thrashing and tromping about our high-desert lair… well, before I entered that indoor-prissy-junior-high-bitch phase (that everyone goes through!) that is.

The Vargas’ Eastern European-ness always intrigued me; and when I was a kid, I didn’t really understand that Hungary wasn’t Transylvania and that Mr. Varga wasn’t some sort of blood-thirsty specter. Myriad things happened to fuel my confusion.

For example, one time The Junior Mint, who was about eight at the time, returned to the house from the animal-sector of my family’s land looking rather pale and a little shell-shocked. In seems that Mr. Varga had decided to teach him how to butcher a turkey, a lesson that my cute little third-grader brother had not been fully prepared for.

Another time, I noticed an epic campfire burning beneath a metal trashcan-turned-cauldron outside my bedroom window (ish).  Upon investigation, I found my father and Mr. Varga stirring something gruesome in their “pot” while popping what appeared to be very large red grapes into their mouths. As it turned out, those “grapes’ were actually eyes; and I can only guess what was in that pot.

Now don’t get me wrong. The Vargas, especially Mr. Varga, were amazing people and their presence is deeply interwoven into my memories of growing up, but you can see how I was maybe a little confused about what it meant to be Hungarian…

…so when the first installment of Girlfriends Films’ newest series, Budapest, arrived in my mailbox, I was a little apprehensive. In my experience, Hungarians did some pretty weird stuff; but I decided to give it a go anyway. And almost like clockwork, not 10 minutes in, there was this super weird (at least to me!) panty-sniffing sequence between Sandra Shine and the extremely cute Brandy Smile – Eastern Europeans!! I almost gave up right there, but I’m glad I didn’t because episode 1 of Budapest was actually pretty darn good.  

True to Girlfriends Films’ form, Budapest has a pretty complex plot. Elexis Monroe travels to Budapest to write an article on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (huh?). She stays with magazine editor Sandra Shine, and somehow meets gallery owner Liza.  Liza, who had just been celebrating some sort of anniversary with her hott (seriously hott) girl-bebe Sophie Moon the night before, manages to lure Elexis into her bed – scandal!! Elexis also meets tour guide Peaches, who ends up “renting a room” from Cindy Hope (who is also smokin’ hot, in spite of some strange tattoos). At this point, I am not quite sure where this story is headed; but there are already plenty of opportunities for some luscious intrigue.

And “luscious” is a good word for Budapest – from the quirky, Hungarian-ish music playing throughout (imagine some old-skool sounding circus music that changes up along with the film’s plot) to the shots of Elexis touring about all these very Hungarian-looking locations, you actually feel like you’re getting a little bit of global culture from this film.  And for you cunning linguists out there, there’re a plethora of sexy accents to play with too. But if architecture and music and language don’t make you feel like you’re getting a slice of Eastern Europe, then the sex certainly should.

Girlfriends always likes to make you wait for it, and Budapest is no exception – at 2 hours and 19 minutes long, you may think you’re going to get a bang-out six or seven scenes… but you’d be wrong – you get four… four long, languid, and fully worked-up scenes featuring some pretty hott chics.

…and then it ends, leaving you more than a little “Hungary for Lesbian Love.”  Good thing I hear that there are a couple more installments of Budapest coming soon!

* Varga is a pseudonym. I just googled “Hungarian surnames” and “Varga” came up as one of the most common ones.

Recommended for: the Eastern Euro-philic, the hungry, and the Hungarian; those of us who grew up next door to the Vargas (or some iteration thereof).



Ladies: Elexis Monroe, Sandra Shine, Brandy Smile, Liza, Sophie Moone, Cindy Hope, and Peaches

Dudes: no boys allowed!!

The first installment of this series, Budapest (episode 1), released in September, 2010

Not much in terms of extras here (a credit gallery, some pretty girl shots, and promo material), but this film doesn’t really lend itself to such things.  I would have liked to see some BTS on filming in Hungary and the trip and stuff, but maybe that’s just the sociologist in me!  Here is a link to a Girlfriends Films newsletter with a bunch of pics from Hungary though – enjoy!!

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