Review – Studio A Entertainment’s Sex Dolls (2010)

It’s been a long week.

So long in fact that when I was perusing my plethora of porn for interesting content to review, I was looking for something ethereal… something that would assuage the harsh realities of bias, inequality, and judgment that’ve characterized my week… (read about all that here)

Turns out, what I was looking for was Sex Dolls (2010).

Sex Dolls was produced by Studio A Entertainment and directed by the legendary Andrew Blake.  Blake has been creating lush, beautiful, highly stylized adult content since the late 1980s.

In the early stages of his career, he shot for some of the most prolific production houses in the industry and created some of the most well received content of the day. Case in point: Blake directed two exquisite classics, or “key adult films,” House of Dreams (Caballero Home Video, 1990) and Hidden Obsessions (Ultimate Video, 1992). Both of these films have been integral to segments of my scholarly work (read about that here); so, needless to say, I love me some Andrew Blake.

As the 1990s progressed, Blake began to work independently for his own production house, Studio A Entertainment… and man-oh-man has he created some absolutely luscious content.

As I said, Blake’s projects are highly stylized (read: pretty, with hott chics wearing craftily placed sexy cute nothings) and are often set to very unique original music by Raoul Valve. They’re also predominantly girl-girl, with a liberal sprinkling of solo bits. Every once in a while though, a boy does sneak in there.

Sex Dolls does not stray from Blake’s well-established patterns. It’s beautiful, a slow motion teasing delight at points. Tori Black is Tori Black (incredible, and sporting a superlative manicure), and Isis Taylor and Bree Daniels (on the box cover) are exquisite.  There are fifteen total scenes in Sex Dolls (ten solos, three girl-girls, and two boy-girls), and each one is just gorgeous.

And the best part: in Sex Dolls, you see the action but you hear the music.  This is how it goes down in all of Blake’s content that I’ve seen, and let me tell you – it is hott hott hott and gives Blake’s creations a unique dreamy quality that is just lovely. Assuaging even.

My week before now? Gone.

Recommended for: those who are into beautiful girl-girl type content, but not necessarily banged out hardcore (there’s plenty of bangin’ girl-girl hardcore content out there, btw) – this one is definitely lighter and prettier than most adult films, and thus may be a good for a viewer who is new to porn.


Girls: Alexis Texas, Tori Black, Isis Taylor, Amia Miley, Lily Carter, Bree Daniels, and Nina James

Guys: Johnny Castle, Aaron Wilcox

Produced, directed, photographed, & edited by Andrew Blake. Released in November, 2010. Buy your copy here.

You want extras? Well, I’m gonna go ahead and say that fifteen scenes are enough – there’re no “extras” in Sex Dolls, although there are some trailers and whatnot. If you’re still bursting at the seams when it’s over, maybe this one just wasn’t for you.

* * *

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