Review – Juicy Pink Box’s Taxi: Vol 1 (2010)

I have been intrigued by Jincey Lumpkin, Esq (“the lesbian Hugh Hefner”) and her production company Juicy Pink Box for some time now…


(pictured: Jincey Lumpkin, Esq)

Juicy Pink Box content is kind of like art-house lesbian porn. Those working behind the scenes collaborate with artists and visionaries to achieve a high standard of quality and maintain an “elevated aesthetic.” Juicy Pink Box content is unscripted and inspired by classic cinema, iconic photographers, and progressive fashion trends.

Now, I’m not especially arty or stylish, but doesn’t that sound super neat?! Like Vanity Fair porn, or something…

Thus, when Jincey signed a distribution deal in early December with Girlfriends Films, whom I absolutely love, I was rather pleased – seven Juicy Jincey films over the course of fourteen months!! Sweeet.

And needless to say, when I got home earlier after an epically long day of yoga and grocery shopping (for reals) and found a copy of Juicy Pink Box’s first Girlfriends’ distributed film Taxi: Volume 1 in the mail… well, you know what I had to do – write a review, of course!!

The premise of Taxi is pretty simple – multiple pairings of women have sex in the back of a taxi; however, the sex and surrounding elements are anything but…

There are four scenes entitled “Domme” (Jiz Lee & Madison Young), “Lick” (Justine Joli & Madison Young), “Tumble” (Sir Sterling & Zoe), and “Sweat” (Syd Blakovich & Justine Joli). Each scene is super hot in its own way, and Madison Young and Justine Joli are both amazing. In my humble opinion though, Justine’s tryst with Syd Blakovich in “Sweat” is the highlight of the film.

But these multiple pairings of women having sex in the back of a taxi are not your typical “girl-girl”-type scenes. In fact, I think I would only describe “Lick” as in the range of conventional “girl-girl”… and then only sorta. Here’s why:

These scenes are shot quite a bit differently from a lot of porn out there, girl-girl and otherwise, in that you’re not as close to the action that’s occurring. Now don’t fret – plenty of pussy is visibly licked, and the camera frequently shows the lickee’s enjoyment of the licking going on… it’s just that you can’t see all the way up into the woman’s small intestine like you often may in many other girl-girl scenes – different.

Talent aesthetics in Taxi range from the hott-&-femmey to the hott-&-genderqueer butch, and the performances tend towards the sweaty, lusty, luscious, and seemingly sincere.  Perhaps this is simply an artifact of pussy-to-face proximity, etc – regardless though, it seems like the talent in Taxi are a little more engaged in these scenes than others are in more conventional girl-girl performances… but maybe this is because these are not “girl-girl” scenes per se.

Sometimes “lesbian” scenes do turn out girl-girl, but not in Taxi – also, different.

(pictured: buy your copy of Taxi and/or watch it now here)

Taxi is as interesting as it is sexy and unique.  This rather scorching collection is certainly full of “cinematic luster”* …and hot wet vagina. If you’re drawn to more arty aesthetics and/or any of the talent featured in this film or if you just want to check out something girl-queer and new, Taxi will not disappoint.  These juicy pink boxes are definitely worth a tumble, and I cannot wait to see what this production house brings next.



With performances from Jiz Lee, Zoe, Madison Young, Justine Joli, Sir Sterling, Syd Blakovich

Directed by Marie Angel for Juicy Pink Box and distributed by Girlfriends Films

Buy you copy of Taxi: Volume 1 (2010) here.

Extras: several interesting and (I hate to call it like this, buuut…) “girly” points of interest are included with Taxi– a brief bts-style interview with Jincey herself and these fantastic “Confessions” with Justine Joli, Syd Blakovich, Madison Young, and Zoe. Each performer talks a little about their personal history and feelings on adult performance and “confesses” something about their sexual past and/or desires. They were all really interesting and left me wondering – do I want to know the back story because I’m “girly”… or because I’m a sociologist… or both… or something else entirely?

* their tag: Juicy Pink Box – lesbian sex with cinematic luster


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