Review – JoyBear Pictures’ Match Mates (2010)

A while back, I was chatting with two girlfriends: Ms. Performer X and Ms. Producer Y. And, as luck would have it, the conversation soon turned to work.

Ms. Y was in the midst of developing a special project that she wanted Ms. X to star/perform in, and she asked her “If you could pick anyone, who would you like to work with?”

Ms. X thought for about one eighth of a second before gushing: “Oh my god, Manuel [Ferrara]!!* I’ve never worked with him, but his penis is so perfect!!”

This is a direct quote.

And so it was done – Ms. Producer Y cast Manuel, Ms. Performer X was elated (both before and after), and I got to thinking…

Certainly Ms. X was not unique. I mean, yes – she is a unique and special snowflake for sure, but certainly many adult performers have their own list of folks they’d just love to work with but haven’t.


Fast forward several months later to UK-based production house JoyBear Pictures’ screener for Match Mates (US release, 2010) arriving in the mail.


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Match Mates is just about the hottest, most original, and amazing adult film I have ever seen.

In Match Mates, former producer and first time director Liselle Bailey does something incredible: she plays match-maker casting agent director with her porn performer friends. So in other words, Liselle helped several Ms. Performer Xs out there fulfill their Manuel Ferrara-like fantasies… all while creating some pretty amazing content from beginning to end – genius!!

To prepare, Liselle first pre-interviews a performer/pal in order to identify their “Manuel” – whoever it is that they would just luuuv to work with. (this interview footage is included in the final product, by the way)

Then she goes out and books “Manuel” for a scene. And because Liselle is pretty dang crafty, she tells “Manuel” that s/he is about to surprise the heck out of her friend. Thus, the object of work-related desire is in the loop; the performer/pal, however, is not.

On the day of the shoot, Liselle’s lucky porn performer friend shows up for a regular day’s work… but then, surprise!! They learn at the last minute that it’s their “Manuel” they’ll be working with. And my goodness, do sparks fly.

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What we end up with are five fly-on-the-wall scenes that are just fantastic – hott, lusty, and a little bit giddy (you’d be excited if you got to work with your “Manuel” too). Liselle shoots much of the close-up action, but there’s a second camera that captures her working with the performers. It’s voyeurism squared – so awesome!!

And get this: occaaasionally former teacher turned adult producer/director Liselle joins the Match Mates performers (!!!)… usually just a little tease; but in the final scene, much more than “a little” is suggested. Also, so so awesome!!

Now all you regular PVV readers must certainly know – I just love JoyBear Pictures. Their content is unique, truly erotic, and not so super hard bang out (other reviews here).  And the man leading the team behind JoyBear, Justin R. dos Santos (read his Back Story here), is just about as nice and as interesting as people can get.

So I really don’t have much more to say… I don’t want to give too much away; and if I keep gushing over this film, you might get a little sick. Suffice it to say that Match Mates was fantastic – original and fresh and absolutely creative. I only wish I was more familiar with the performers Liselle cast so I could get all excited too. I don’t know my European talent quite as well as my US-based performers, but that’s almost a moot point.

Really: awesome.

*I am hiding Ms. Producer Y’s and Ms. Performer X’s identities, but not Manuel Ferrara’s, and you may be wondering why… Here’s the thing: Manuel Ferrara is so beautiful – it’s kind of like looking into the sun – and pretty much everyone I know wants to “work with” him. That, and he works all the time. So although Ms. X is both singular and special, her lust for Manuel is not. In this respect, she could be anyone.

(pictured: Manuel Ferrara… did you think I was joking? get titles featuring MF here)

Recommended for: matchmakers, those with an un-actualized work-place lust/crush, and fans of slightly gentler content… but if I’m being honest, I think just about everyone will enjoy some aspect of  Match Mates – it was that good!!



With performances from Claudia Rossi, Lolly Badcock, Tanya Tate, Michelle Moist, Hannah Shaw, Alexa Andreas, Tammie Lee, Jay Snake, Peter Oh Tool, Marcel Roberts, Clarke Kent, and Liselle Bailey (sorta).

Directed by Liselle Bailey for JoyBear Pictures. US release in July, 2010.

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 (pictured: chemistry)

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