(book) Review – Ann Marie Rios’ The Little Red Book (2013)

I recently received an early copy of Ann Marie Rios’ Little Red Book: A “Bedroom Talk” Dictionary (2013) – did I want to check it out? Heck yes, I did!!

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According to her bio, Ann Marie Rios is a respected sex expert who has contributed to K-Sex Radio, Spice TV, Playboy TV, Playboy Radio, and Sirius XM. A popular panelist at conventions, she also runs her own sexuality blog, AnnMariesAdventure.com. She has written numerous sex-advice columns for various online magazines, including “Between the Sheets with Ann Marie” on Latina.com (among so much more).

I have been acquainted with Ann Marie for some some time now. She is a remarkably smart, sassy, and insightful person, and her social justice work is really admirable. She has spent a good deal of her career reaching out to Latino and Hispanic communities, helping to break down barriers and normalize conversations about sex and sexualities.

Basically, Ann Marie is the best ever.

In The Little Red Book, she works to provide couples with a fun and accessible tool for spicing up sexytime by opening the channels of communication. To wit:

During her years as the host of a nationally syndicated broadcast radio show designed to explore intimate stories, human sexuality, and “sexy talk,” Ann Marie Rios has noticed a trend. People of all ages, nationalities, and orientations ask for her advice on how to improve sexual communication. They have problems opening up during sex or getting their lovers to become more talkative in the bedroom. She has now put her years of experience, research, and self-practice to work to help inspire a whole new audience to sexy greatness.

Ann Marie’s book provides tools and tactics to help you expand your sensual vocabulary, make your intimate desires clearly known, understand some of the physical and emotional benefits of sex, and use fiction to create a hotter reality (among so many other things). And I gotta tell you – I loved it!!

The Little Red Book is broad in scope – it touches on a lot of topics – as well as thorough, all without being tedious. The text is also very even-handed, as Ann Marie explains relatively “fringy” sex behaviors and practices in the same tone and manner as relatively “vanilla” ones. This is so great for helping to normalize desire, ease peoples’ anxieties, etc.

The majority of the book is in dictionary-like form. Ann Marie provides a definition and context for topics and terms, synonyms, and practice phrases. For example:

camel toe – the visual effect created when a woman’s pants cling too tightly to the crotch, emphasizing the shape of the vaginal lips.

“It’s so sexy when you wear ___________, because I can see a bit of camel toe. It is such a turn-on.”

Synonyms: moose-knuckle wedgie

I had never heard the phrase “moose-knuckle wedgie” before…

The entire thing is written very plainly – there’s A LOT of information, all presented it an accessible way that’s not overwhelming. There’s also a checklist and case studies and so many other awesome touches. All in all, The Little Red Book is a welcoming, informative, and fun guide, providing couples with just enough support and inspiration to do their own exploring. Definitely worth checking out!!

Ann Marie Rios’ The Little Red Book: A “Bedroom Talk” Dictionary released in July, 2013. Get your copy on Amazon.com


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