Regular Features

PVVOnline is built on an array of regular features: PVV, Reviews and Review Haikus, Back Stories, Interesting News, Uncovered, and Shift.

PVV – These features are the cornerstone of PVVOnline, offering critical commentary on incidents and issues with the potential to have significant impact on the adult film industry.

Reviews, Recommended Films, and Review Haikus - PVV reviews adult content in a unique and special way – by getting at the sex and the bigger picture.

Back Stories – No one is just their job, and people who work in porn are more than just sex on film. Back Stories will explore the lives of people who work in adult production, from talent to executives to regular old office workers.

Interesting News – collections of curated articles that Dr. Chauntelle finds interesting and/or significant in some special way.

Uncovered – Myths about the adult film industry are almost as ubiquitous as porn itself. Uncovered features will shed some light on key dimensions of adult production and shatter adult industry urban legends and myths

ShiftShift will explore the joys, trials, tribulations, and everything else associated with big career and life changes within the context of prior association with the adult industry, one of the most stigmatized and misunderstood spaces in our culture today.

More on PVV Reviews…

In a PVV review (category listing here), you can expect to see questions like these addressed: What are some of the overall themes present in a particular film, collection, website, etc? How exactly does the content connect with wider society, and how might it be culturally significant? And… is it hot? Moreover, what exactly can specific content be “used” for?

PVVOnline will let you know how any number of adult-related goodies may fit in with your wants and desires by situating content within the wider socio-cultural landscape from a variety of perspectives… wait, what? Yes. 

All content reviewed on PVVOnline is initially vetted by Dr. Chauntelle on the basis of perceived interest, quality, and/or cultural significance. Unless authorship by an Associate Reviewer is indicated, all reviews are written by Dr. Chauntelle.

Occasionally, a film or some content is so unique, special, transcendent, and/or significant that it merits special distinction. PVV Recommended Films have been deemed exceptional within a pool of high-quality adult content.

Some content is significant and noteworthy, but can be unpacked in a little less time – these Review Haikus are a little less text but a whole lotta fun!! All Review Haikus are written by Dr. Chauntelle.

And fyi, PVVOnline/Porn Valley Vantage is NOT affiliated with any adult industry entity, company, or organization.