PVV/Review – the bush is back?

Our world is filled with trends and fads. What’s one day hot will soon be not, and this will likely cycle back around again. It’s a social thing that happens with literature, art, music, clothes… and pubic hair.

Pubic hair has been “styled” for various reasons for hundreds of years; and from merkins to ’70s bush to the landing strip, pubic topiary is just as faddish as anything else.

Many factions like to point the Pubic Pruning Fault Finger at porn; however, just like anal sex, coochie and cock coiffing has been around far longer than modern adult content…

(there’s a lot more to this argument/discussion; but, for the sake of today’s post, “porn is not responsible for people’s obsession with their pubic hair” is going to have to suffice. you can listen to me talk about anal sex predating porn here though)

Regardless, many folks out there are currently talking about the bush – (supposedly) it’s back!!

(it had left?)

“Hairy” has been a niche porn genre with a significant following in US production for a very long time, but many folks from varied perspectives have commented on the majority of porn performers’ refrain from pubic hair for years now. These comments are extremely varied, as are the supposed implications of said refrains; however, these issues are also beyond the scope of this post (someday, someday…)

Today, I’m interested in what seems to be an influx of bush-loving porn coming across my desk. What’s going on in these films/collections? Are we seeing a bump in the niche, some sort of full scale ’70s revitalization, or something else entirely? Let’s consider an extremely convenient, totally not-representative three film sample of bushy adult content…

Reality Kings’ Hot Bush (Vol. 5)

Reality Kings have been at Hot Bush since 2009, and now they’re up to volume 6.

Vittoria Buzza reviewed Hot Bush (Vol. 2) a while back (along with Adam & Eve’s Hair Pies), and she was just about as unimpressed with it as I was with volume 5. I mean, there’s not much to be impressed with – the two hot chics on the cover have their scene right off, followed by a series of disconnected (albeit themed) trysts. Fairly low budget, with lots of collection-appropriate tropes repeated again and again. You get what you get – fine.

This content is nichey – with the exception of Bobbi Starr and a(n ironically?) smooth Rocco Reed, the rest of the performers were relatively low profile. The previously mentioned genre-specific content and (low) production value further contributed to its nicheyness, not Mainstream Porn Bush.

But I did notice one thing. There were some full bushes present, as well as some that were very… ehh… petite. But, be they full or petite, these bushes all seemed unmanicured, as if their variable voluminousness simply correlated with their owner’s overall… hairiness.

Some of the bushes, however, had a very interesting style – a full shock on top, but lips bare. This made me think of years past when dudes used to let the hair on the tops of their heads grow out long but would shave the back and sides. Hmmm…

Seattle Hairy Girls 57 & 58 (2011)

This collection of scenes was as nichey as nichey could be – way more so than Hot Bush (Vol. 5). It was also really diverse in terms of content.

You go from just about as hairy a woman as you could imagine in a solo scene, to two chics lamenting how their hairiness has prevented them from getting boyfriends… right before they go at it, to two more ladies indulging in some pretty hot and hairy sex featuring latex gloves (extremely uncommon outside of queer porn and/or “sex-positive” content, and I would not characterize Seattle Hairy Girls in general as either), to a fairly skeevy and relatively hairless POV scene between Rodney Moore and Sasha Sweet. Huh?

This collection was actually rather interesting in its content diversity (lots of different stuff here) but did nothing to convince me of mainstreaming bush.

Elegant Angel’s Bush (2011)

Elegant Angel’s Bush was made by Elegant Angel… so it was well-done, bigger budget (some scenes were more elaborate than others), and featured very heavy-hitting performers: Raylene, Kristina Rose, Bobbi Starr, Kimberly Kane, and Allie Haze. Each lady has a little solo time with her bush and then bangs one of four men partners (Manuel goes twice).

In terms of content, it was precisely Elegant Angel. Not one of their more elaborate projects, but good.

But, in terms of bush, here’s the thing… I saw some petite bushes and a lot of the same “haircut” in Bush – long on top and shaved on the sides and around back.

So, on the basis of my extremely convenient, totally not-representative three film sample, here’s what I’ve got: the full-blown bush is not back. It’s alive and well in it’s “hairy” niche space, but it doesn’t appear to be going mainstream. What is going mainstream, however, may be a new style of bush – a new coif for the ages.

Will this style become very popular in porn, perhaps the landing strip of the 20-teens? Will the rest of the world soon be blaming porn for the “long on top, shaved on the sides and around back” look? And most importantly, what cute name will waxers come up with to code for that request? Because “long on top, shaved on the sides and around back” is far too difficult to say…

Maybe the David Silver!!?

Only time will tell.

For a more rigorous consideration of adult content through the ages, check out “From ‘The Devil in Miss Jones’ to ‘DMJ6’ – Power, Inequality, and Consistency in the Content of US Adult Films” (Sexualities, 2010).



Seattle Hairy Girls 57 & 58 (2011)

Featuring: Sasha Sweet, Kimberly, Stacey Staxx, Sarah Singer, Mahonia, Usnea, Gwyneth, Vega, and Rodney Moore

Seattle Hairy Girls 57 & 58 released in December, 2011. Directed by Rodney Moore. Buy your copy here.


Bush (2011)

Featuring: Raylene, Kristina Rose, Bobbi Starr, Kimberly Kane, Allie Haze, Manuel Ferrara, Mr. Pete, James Deen, and Steve Holmes

Bush released in March, 2011. Directed by Sam No for Elegant Angel. Buy your copy here.


Hot Bush (Vol. 5)

Featuring: Bobbi Starr, Nikki Rhodes, Jamie Elle, Hannah West, Alice Bell, Heather Huntley, Laci Laine, Devin Rae, Shazira Mixxx, and some dudes

Reality Kings’ Hot Bush (Vol. 5) released in May, 2011. Buy your copy here.


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