PVV – porn sitcoms?

So I’m just wondering…

Porn parodies are currently flooding the adult entertainment market, and there are some absolutely amazing ones. From Hustler’s This Ain’t Glee XXX and Adam & Eve’s The A Team XXX to Vivid’s Batman XXX and Full Spread Entertainment’s Simpsons: The XXX Parody, it’s pretty easy to see your favorite source material delightfully pornified today.

Porn parodies are generally stand alone films, but what about porn sitcoms?

Different from a feature length parody of a some shorter program (ie New Sensations’ “Sex and the City” parody), what about porn parodies in serial format? Episodic adult programming that’s funny, dramatic, all about vampires (why not??), whatever!!

Via Hank Fontaine (I love having Associate Reviewers!!), I have come to realize that there’s already a little bit of sassy consumer buzz about the whole porn sitcoms thing. Now maybe all these ideas are just a super fun way to pass the time, but would you watch any of these as adult serials? Or are these concepts/titles better left for comps? Just curious…

8″ is Enough

Boy Meats World

The Big Wang Theory

The Golden Shower Girls

Beavis and Buttsex

The Fucks of Life

Mouth Park

The Orifice

Porkin’ Mindy

Everybody Loves Rimjobs


You can read more funny porn sitcom titles on Twitter under the hashtag #pornositcoms, and you can follow the hilarious PVV Associate Reviewer Hank Fontaine at @HankFontaineEsq.

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