PVV – which TLA RAW noms did I vote for?

Earlier this week, someone asked me about my TLA RAW picks – what were they? I thought this was odd…

For this of you who don’t recall, TLARAW.com is one of the largest online and direct mail DVD and VOD entertainment retailers in the US. The TLA RAW Awards is an annual program (program?) that honors the best in “straight”* adult entertainment, sex toys, and community culture.

Unlike many other awards programs out there, the TLA RAW Awards are all about consumers and fans. Consumers and fans vote for their favorites in 16 categories, some of which are “expected” (ie Best Porn Movie) and others that are totally unique (ie Sickest Porn, Best Freakout). Here’s some text about the awards from organization itself:

“Once again, it’s time to vote for the very best! We give you the 2012 TLA Raw Awards!

All of our nominees deserve to be rewarded with at least one million dollars for their contribution this year to sexual health and release (yes, we mean masturbation) but unfortunately, we’re not offering that. Instead, they have the chance to win something even more valuable. Yes, we’re speaking of the most coveted award in the adult industry, The TLA RAW Award!

We’ve picked our nominees based on our deeply perverted editorial staff’s voting as well as sales and popularity of stars, companies and products here on TLARAW.com. If you feel like our nominees do not represent your own personal feelings on the category, write your thoughts on a piece of paper, fold it up and shove it up your ass.

Now, it’s up to you. Voting will close at 11:59PM ET on Saturday, March 31st. We encourage you to vote for your favorite in each category and please, feel free to vote more than once. Victory is up to you! Once you’ve made your selections in each category, be sure to click the large VOTE button at the bottom of the page to record your votes.” (here)

TLA, in their own silly and sassy way, seems very aware of the fact that the adult industry contributes to society. Not everyone is decently versed in adult content. Hell, not everyone even likes porn (lies!!). And the internal operations and structure of the industry as a whole? Total mystery to pretty much everyone who doesn’t actually work in it.

But, for those who are involved and/or aware and/or into it and/or curious, adult products do in fact contribute to societal and individual sexual health and well-being. And, from a sociological perspective, the adult industry is significant and meaningful and relevant – it deserves to be taken seriously… and the TLA RAW noms deserve to be rewarded with at least one million dollars!!

So given all that, the question about my picks seemed less odd and I figured why the heck not share some (just a few!!) of my TLA RAW whos and whys – enjoy!!


Best Porn Movie

Portrait of a Call Girl

Back Door to Chyna

Man Vs Pussy <– Dr Chauntelle’s Pick

Lollipop Girls

Poor Little Shyla


(links take you to PVV reviews of each respective film)


I loved Digital Playground’s Fighters – it was a truly excellent film. But it was also just (just?) a truly excellent film. It was well-executed, but it didn’t break any new thematic ground. Quite the opposite, Elegant Angel’s Portrait of a Call Girl was startling in the amount of boundaries it pushed… but it was likely too much for anyone other than a seasoned porn viewer with a very artistic eye to really appreciate. Girlfriends Films’ Poor Little Shyla was also excellent and accessible (like Fighters) and took adult content to a new level (like Portrait of a Call Girl)… but it didn’t do any of these things as broadly as Popporn’s Man Vs. Pussy did.

Man Vs. Pussy was well-done and recognizable – you don’t have to be a porn aficionado to get it, but a porn aficionado would appreciate it just the same. It’s accessible – hott and funny for those looking to be entertained. Most significantly though, it’s human.

For those looking to see, Man Vs. Pussy gives us a glimpse into both the wild and unheard of world of adult content production. It also lets us see exactly what men performers go through on set. Yes, it’s an extreme case example (five scenes in 12 hours, no way!!) but the film focuses on a group of key players that are so often ignored… by everyone – men performers.

From a social justice-informed sociological standpoint, I think Man Vs Pussy is capable of making the most positive difference in the world – winner!!


Studio of the Year


Elegant Angel

Digital Sin

Girlfriends Films <– Dr. Chauntelle’s hands down winner

Lethal Hardcore


I’m not going to lie – I love just about everything that comes out of Elegant Angel. Their content is beautiful and unique such that no other content even compares. But I also love just about everything that comes out of Girlfriends Films. Their projects are equally unique and beautiful.

But what Girlfriends Films does that sets them apart from everyone else in the industry is care, regularly and publicly, about the adult community. Are there laws coming up that will impact the entire business? Girlfriends is there, informed and ready to help. Contributions to the betterment of society? Donations on the behalf of an adult performer or personality once a month. Humanizing members of the adult community? “Kinky and Creepy” all the way.

Girlfriends Films is amazing – they make the world a better place by making the adult community a better place.


Best Twitterer

Kristina Rose

Jessie Andrews

Tabitha Stevens

Dana DeArmond <– I wish I could be this insightful in 140 characters or less!!

Rick Santorum


Confession time: I have never followed Rick Santorum’s tweets… at least not until this morning. But a quick perusal of his feed lets me know that he’s no match for porn unicorn/urban mermaid, Dana DeArmond. Often funny, regularly incendiary, and always insightful, Dana DeArmond is worth getting on twitter for.

Dana is a no bullshit woman who lives her life, which is only partially about the adult industry, on her own terms… at least that’s what comes across on Twitter!! She provides a multi-faceted and humanized look at adult performers to those interested in seeing. In this respect, she is doing her own good for the adult community and, thus, for humanity.

(pictured: adult performer humanity at its finest – from @DanaDeArmond on March 1, 2012)


…aaand that’s all you get, bebes!! In case you can’t decern the pattern, in order to get my TLA RAW vote, a person or project has to contribute significantly to demystifying the adult community. Because showing the adult community in a real and complex light allows folks to see the rest of the world in a more authentic and complex way – thank you Man Vs. Pussy, Girlfriends Films, and Dana DeArmond for helping us all!!

Vote in the TLA RAW Awards 2012 here. The do it again… and again… and again!!

*don’t worry!! TLA has a whole suite of community and content themed sites including TLA RAW, TLA Gay, and TLA Cult –> all that here!!

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